Ecommerce strategy

Create seamless customer experiences across all your digital channels with a robust, omnichannel ecommerce strategy.

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Driving value through cohesive digital experiences.

Unlocking the full potential of your digital channels requires a strong foundation, and a comprehensive, multi-channel ecommerce strategy acts as the blueprint. Through continuous strategic refinement, anticipation of customer needs, and market trend tracking, companies create captivating shopping experiences that drive higher conversions and steady growth. 

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Market reach​

Ecommerce offers large-scale accessibility and visibility—but without a clear strategy, companies miss out on overcoming traditional retail boundaries to tap into new markets and reach new audiences. From developing region-specific tactics and campaigns to facilitating international purchases and connections, a well-crafted ecommerce strategy supports extensive growth without sacrificing the customer experience.

Buyer journey​

Positive brand experiences lead to reconversions, whereas negative interactions can lose a customer permanently—so when one online channel fails to meet expectations, the rest suffer. Developing a holistic ecommerce strategy creates alignment across online touchpoints and channels, improving the overall buyer journey and maximizing profitability.​


of customers use three or more channels to connect with a company in a single service interaction.

Customer insights​

Ecommerce strategies provide an actionable plan for businesses to leverage and learn from customer data, leading to enhanced online shopping experiences, optimized buyer journeys, and more meaningful interactions with customers. Strategic opportunities created by customer data include:​

  • Personalization: Analyze behavioral data to suggest relevant products to individual customers.​

  • Segmentation: Develop targeted campaigns using data like interests, purchase history, and demographics.​

  • Optimization: Identify pain points and growth areas, ultimately improving the buyer journey. 

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is humility. In the world of ecommerce, approaching projects with a responsive, open mindset is key. We place our client’s interests above our own, adjusting when needed and learning throughout each step of the process. We call this the Credera Difference, and we invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experiences working with us.​​

The ecommerce landscape is intricate, challenging, and ever-changing. Our experts are on the cutting edge of the technical advancements in this area, often working with partners to create intellectual property and solutions that further improve the customer journey. 

  • Read how Singer Corporation drove sales with a modernized ecommerce platform.

  • See how Credera partnered with 7-Eleven to transform their digital guest experience.​

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One word that describes Credera is capability. Credera helped us grow, understands where we are headed, understands our infrastructure, and understands the challenges.

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Future-proof your business for a changing customer.

Outshine the competition in the online retail environment—capture customer loyalty, enable cross-channel consistency, and reach audiences directly. Here are our leading offerings:

Ecommerce assessment​

Evaluate current business goals, strategies, processes, and technologies to develop an insight-driven approach for ecommerce improvements.


Avoid traditional retail intermediaries and maintain total control over the customer journey, from product development and marketing to sales and fulfillment.

Multi-channel ecommerce​

Engage customers and diversify revenue streams across your preferred channels with effective ecommerce management, integrated technology, consistent messaging, and seamless user experiences.​

Customer loyalty strategies​

Drive repeat business, create brand advocacy, and establish long-term customer relationships utilizing key customer retention tactics like: loyalty programs, personalized content, first-rate customer service, and post-purchase messaging.


Discover our partnerships.

Our strategic partnerships help us set brands apart from the competition by equipping them with powerful software and platforms to exceed their ecommerce goals.​

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Leaders across industry and expertise.

At Credera, our leaders bring their experience and backgrounds across industries while seeking to understand the nuance of each challenge. This creates real partnership and results on every engagement.

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Rob Queenan

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