Transport Company

Improving application system capacity by modernization application and process improvement.

Credera engaged with a large transport company to resolve issues from a growing client application that had bottlenecks, back-end failures, and timeouts. Our contribution in this effort paved the way for organization-wide optimization and process improvement.​

At a Glance

One of the largest transport companies in the United States—providing intermodal transport solutions, dedicated transport, and other general trucking services—needed to increase the operational efficiency of their internal systems. Credera's partnered with this company to modernize and migrate applications, define opportunities for best practice adoption, and socialize methodology for identifying process gaps. Through increased operational efficiency, the company increased system capacity by 350%, enabled early detection notifications, and standardized operations and delivery across over 300 development team leads.

The Challenge

Increasing need for operational efficiency and system capacity.

Our client is one of the largest transport companies in the United States. They provide intermodal transport solutions, dedicated transport, in-home delivery, and other general trucking services.​

Our client first engaged Credera to increase the operational efficiency of their internal systems and resolve issues due to increased load from unexpected high adoption of their mobile application. Credera helped resolve these issues, increase performance, and regain users who left the platform. As a result of this work, our client engaged Credera to modernize their applications and processes.​

The Solution

Optimize processes and modernize applications through gap analysis.

Credera and the large transport company partnered to analyze ways to optimize processes and modernize applications.

  • Identified core areas of improvement by utilizing infrastructure as code to create production-like environments and execute automated load tests.

  • Utilized load test analysis results to define opportunities for best practice adoption​.

  • Codified best practices, standards, tools, and processes into an internal consultative unit to train and encourage adoption throughout the organization. ​

  • Modernized and migrated applications from the mainframe to the cloud using Azure, Cloud Native, and Kubernetes​.

  • Socialized methodology for identifying process gaps and facilitated training to enable our client to  independently and continuously increase process maturity​.

The Results

Modernized processes, applications, and systems to ensure high-quality delivery and increased capacity.

Through the partnership, the teams created capacity through technology modernization and implemented early detection and consistent delivery best practices.


Improved by 350%, scaling from 4,000 to 14,000 supported users​.


Reduced code defect detection time by implementing automated functional testing.  Created early detection and notification of load-related issues by automating daily validation of client code, which resulted in identification of load-related issues by endpoint within 24 hours upon introduction into quality assurance environment​.


Created an internal consultative unit to standardize operations and delivery across 300 developers and development team leaders​.


Created custom assessment in Microsoft Forms for determining process maturity by development team. This data fed directly to custom Power BI dashboards to track process maturity and target areas for improvement on a team-by-team basis and by application​.

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