Leading Freight Transportation Company

Improve customer and operator experience through cloud-scalable APIs

Credera partnered with a leading freight transportation company to establish modernized APIs that optimize user experience and support future growth

At a Glance

Credera worked with a leading freight transportation company to identify strategic areas of development that enable future growth and improved flexibility to support execution of orders, shipments, and loads. The team was engaged to refactor APIs and establish a common integration pattern that was supported by the freight transportation company’s leadership with the backing of the chief information officer and 360 IT engineering teams.

The Challenge

Connecting systems through improved integration

The freight transportation company has been on a multi-year cloud journey transitioning from legacy systems to modern-based products. The products needed an improved integration approach to fully de-couple from legacy systems and complete the shift to the cloud.

The Solution

Establishing a clear API-first model

Using domain-driven practices, the Credera team worked with the freight transportation company’s engineering teams to establish a clear API-first model that supports dynamic scaling, anytime deployments, and proactive monitoring in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). GKE has offered the freight transportation company a consistent container platform through which it can effectively deliver the products that support day-to-day business operations.

The Results

Enhancing customer and operator experience for long-term growth

Within six months, Credera mobilized its teams to deploy modernized APIs that abstract the integration of the freight transportation company’s products from legacy to modern back-end systems. The freight transportation company can now plan for ever-evolving business models and optimize the customer and operator experience in a way like never before.

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