Feb 21, 2022

Czero, Your ‘Green’ Tool For A Sustainable Future

Prateek Roy

Prateek Roy

Czero, Your ‘Green’ Tool For A Sustainable Future

Dear earthling,

Let us start with consuming this bitter truth pill: From what you choose to eat, your mode of commute, to the rubbish you generate daily has an irrevocable impact on nature. So, climate change is on us. The earthquakes, the reduced air quality, the droughts, the heat waves… everything is on us. Now, moving on to a billion-dollar question: How do we put our green foot forward to achieve a sustainable future? We humans have got a lot of damage control to do. Where do we start? We believe it should start with reducing carbon footprint, both at an individual and an organizational level.

In this green journey, it is important to get our basics right.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. Globally, the average carbon footprint is around 4 tons. For us to avoid the global temperature rise, the average global carbon footprint needs to drop under 2 tons by 2050.

How do we reduce our carbon footprint?

Well, every small action of yours will lead to a bigger impact. Every conscious decision ranging from eating less meat, carrying your own bag to the supermarket, to choosing to take public transport, makes a big difference. To support our efforts, wouldn’t it be cool to have a powerful AI-led application helping us proactively reduce our carbon footprint?

Introducing – CZERO.

CZERO is an application that identifies end-to-end emissions produced from a particular journey, guiding you through the capture process to reduce emissions using dynamic case management.

There’s more.

CZERO goes a step further than any other tracker by helping you/your organization experience a guided journey towards sustainability. It includes specific insights into the actual processes, activities, and resources that directly contribute to carbon emissions. The following are the features that help both individuals/organizations in reducing carbon footprint:

  • Enhanced emission monitoring capabilities

  • Real-time carbon footprint feedback

  • Flexibility to integrate with any third-party enterprise solutions and internal processes

  • Adapts to each customer needs across multiple verticals

  • Intelligent proactive recommendations to let you control which improvement initiatives should be implemented

Furthermore… CZERO application provides automation to capture carbon emissions and helps you take meaningful actions guided through a maturity model. The application uses Pega’s BPM workflow to enable organizations/individuals to define their carbon-neutral goals and capture steps to achieve it. Its dynamic case management approach helps gather accurate data from various sources and stakeholders leading to efficient calculation and ultimately providing end-to-end visibility of the complete process. Graphs and reports help monitor the status and prompt necessary actions to be taken for carbon reduction. Basically, CZERO is your ‘green’ tool for a sustainable future.

Just choose to be a responsible earthling and we will help you achieve your carbon-neutral goals. We will also help you redesign your existing processes and enhance your ‘green’ experience.

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