Feb 03, 2023

CZERO – From emission measurement to management

Credera Team

Credera Team

CZERO – From emission measurement to management

A 2021 survey by BCG of 1,290 organizations worldwide finds, 85% of organizations are concerned about reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the negative impact of their operations on the environment, 96% of them had set some targets for reducing emissions. However, only 11% of them have been able to reduce their emissions in line with their goals over the past five years.Under the enhanced transparency framework (ETF), established within the Paris agreement, an international treaty on climate change, starting 2024, countries will report transparently on actions taken and progress in climate change mitigation, adaptation measures and support provided or received. As a result, businesses must comply with expectations to track their carbon footprint more comprehensively and take concrete steps to mitigate it.

Measurement is The Key

A company’s carbon footprint is the amount of GHG emissions that are released into the environment as a result of its operations. Carbon footprints for businesses are typically divided into three Scopes:

• Scope 1 covers direct emissions from business.

• Scope 2 entails indirect emissions such as electricity. These are emissions produced off-site from energy used on-site.

• Scope 3 emissions include those from other parts of the value chain.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol establishes comprehensive global standardized frameworks to measure and manage emissions across a company’s operations and value chains. The need of the hour is a tool that can provide an accurate picture of the actual processes, activities, and resources that directly contribute to the organization’s carbon emissions. Knowing the positive or negative impact can help manage emissions intelligently through quantitative measurement parameters. After all, you can manage only what you can measure!

A Guided Journey from Monitoring to Management with C-ZERO

Measuring your carbon footprint is critical to identify carbon reduction opportunities and create a robust sustainability strategy. C-ZERO, an AI-powered application developed by Areteans, not only helps measure your company’s carbon emissions, but also provides a guided journey from monitoring to management.

C-ZERO –Measure, Manage, Monitor Carbon Emissions across The Journeys of Your Business

It identifies end-to-end emissions produced from various journeys of the business and steers you through the capture process to monitor emissions at every stage, recommend & automate improvement initiatives, and ultimately reduce emissions.Powered by Pega’s BPM Workflow, dynamic case management and Next-Best Action capabilities, the real value of C-ZERO lies in its power to capture emissions data from actual processes. Gathering data from specific emission points, it creates a guided path to reduce emissions.


The C-ZERO applications identify the end-to-end emissions produced from a particular journey, guiding you through the capture process to reduce emission actions using the power of dynamic case management.Jatin Patel, Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Europe at Areteans, believes that one of the critical first steps towards carbon neutrality is accurately measuring climate impact and monitoring it regularly. “With technologies like AI and tools like C-ZERO, organizations can adopt a scientific approach to turn their climate ambitions into concrete action,” he says.

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