Sep 05, 2023

Stories from interns: Credera's formula for an extraordinary office culture

Madison Wright
Fatima Mirza

Madison Wright and Fatima Mirza

Stories from interns: Credera's formula for an extraordinary office culture

This year, our Credera interns wanted to share their perspective on their experience at Credera. Fatima Mirza, a Technology Solutions intern, and Madison Wright, a Management Consulting intern, share their insights.

When it comes to shaping a fulfilling internship experience, there's no denying the pivotal role that office culture plays.

Throughout our internship journey at Credera, we were fortunate enough to be a part of a company that epitomized support, camaraderie, and inclusiveness, setting the stage for a transformative and enriching summer. Credera's office culture exceeded all our expectations and left a meaningful mark on our personal and professional growth.

We found these three essential qualities of an extraordinary office culture during our summer at Credera:

  1. A foundation of support and inclusion.

  2. Opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  3. Making memories through friendship and fun.

Throughout this article, we’ll explore what each of these looked like during our internships.

A foundation of support and inclusion

Support and inclusion are fundamental to building an exceptional office culture. Working in Credera’s open and welcoming environment set the tone of a memorable summer from day one.

Through daily connection with our mentors, we were given autonomy in our tasks while also receiving continual guidance, creating a sense of inclusion into how full-time employees work. Also, constant gestures of encouragement, such as personalized letters from mentors and cookies for National Intern Day, made us feel seen and valued.


National Intern Day and “Holiday in July” spirit day.

Throughout the internship, we found Credera’s leaders to be accessible and approachable, contrary to what we expected from a company’s top executives. We also saw transparency at an initiative called Leadership Lunches, where partners and senior professionals shared their wisdom, goals, and personal journeys with us. The leaders specifically asked us to share our goals for the internship so they knew how best to support and champion us!

Opportunities for growth and collaboration

Credera emphasizes human connection and collaboration through initiatives such as team-building activities and professional development, which encouraged personal and career growth.

At the beginning of one of our projects, our team leader led us through the activity of presenting our “baseball cards.” These were a single PowerPoint slide where we each had the opportunity to highlight our goals, passions, and areas for desired growth, which promoted openness and visibility between team members. These conversations enabled better collaboration because we were able to communicate more effectively, practice empathy, and encourage team members in ways unique to them.

Additionally, we participated in Credera Women’s Network (CWN) events, such as an Encouragement Party and a Lunch and Learn over the topic “Grit.” At the Lunch and Learn, we learned how to work through the ambiguous challenges of consulting and had the opportunity to forge connections with inspiring women who consistently championed us.


CWN Encouragement Party, where we wrote encouraging notes to one another.

Lastly, Credera hosted a leadership development conference at the end of the summer, covering topics such as executive presence and innovation. The sessions and opportunities to build relationships (as well as the core values award ceremony) were entirely centered around our personal and professional development, emphasizing Credera’s care for our growth regardless of where we end up after graduation.

Making memories through friendship and fun

Credera’s dynamic and thriving environment gains an additional layer of uniqueness through its fusion of fun and camaraderie. At the end of our 10-week experience, Credera’s vibrant atmosphere made the office feel like a second home.

Events like a pickleball tournament and sand volleyball games allowed us to create enjoyable memories and genuine friendships. We even had the thrill of participating in the annual intern cook-off competition, where each intern baked a dessert using this year’s special ingredient: potatoes!

Moreover, spontaneous coffee runs and lunches with fellow Credera team members and the opportunity to volunteer in our local community (at places such as the Children’s Museum) contributed to forming shared experiences and friendships. The bonds created during these unique moments increased our engagement and satisfaction with our internship experience.


Interns volunteering at the Houston Children’s Museum.

Looking to the future

Often, students spend their “last summer” doing an internship to gain experience before officially joining the workforce. For both of us, this was the case. We wanted our summer to provide us with the professional experience that would prepare us for our careers. However, we didn’t realize that interning with Credera would also include an exceptional work culture, continuous support, numerous opportunities for growth, and enjoyable moments the entire time!

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