Apr 01, 2022

Markets Insider Features Phil Lockhart on Activating Data Through Marketing and IT

Credera Team

Credera Team

Markets Insider Features Phil Lockhart on Activating Data Through Marketing and IT

Modern businesses understand the importance of their marketing and IT departments – both are critical in maintaining knowledge about current trends and developing relevant strategies.  

Lesser known, however, is the potential that lies in connecting these two critical business functions. As Phil Lockhart, Credera’s Chief Digital Officer and partner explains, utilizing IT’s data warehouses and marketing’s customer data platforms (CDPs) in conjunction can advance data activation and modernize an enterprise’s entire marketing practice. 

Markets Insider recently featured Lockhart to discuss the value waiting to be uncovered through a symbiotic relationship between marketing and IT.

Creating Data-Driven Unity

The rise in remote and hybrid work environments has highlighted the need for properly managed data collection and high-quality CDPs. If mismanaged, marketing and IT departments may collide, resulting in missed opportunities, wasted efforts, and disorganized workflows. Lockhart explains, “marketing and IT can work together when clear roles and integrated, long-term roadmaps are defined.” Doing so caters to the core strengths of data warehouses and CDPs, while establishing structure for both departments. 

Data warehouses focus on storage, analytics, and data science modeling, with strengths that include:

  • Organizing data to keep it relevant

  • Maintaining accessible data with dashboards and visualizations

  • Enabling environments for developing data science models 

CDPs fill the role of real-time activation and allow teams to deliver fast, personalized experiences. The strength of CDPs include: 

  • Real-time data collection

  • Native or integrated identity resolution services

  • Pre-built integrations with hundreds of MarTech solutions for activation

  • User interfaces that allow self-service feature enablement

By creating a system that unites marketing and IT departments while playing to their individual strengths, organizations will find themselves rewarded with improved customer experiences, informative and accessible data, and actionable insights. 

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