Oct 29, 2021

Leaving a Legacy In Our Community

Credera Team

Credera Team

Leaving a Legacy In Our Community

At Credera, we’re passionate about cultivating a legacy mindset in our people. A legacy mindset means that as you go throughout your life and career, you seek opportunities to make a difference that will continue long after you’re gone. It’s considering what you’ll be known for and looking to create a sustained impact and positive influence. 

As we shared in the first video in our Legacy video series, this expression of our legacy was formalized during a Credera partner retreat in 2019. Credera’s Global CEO and President Justin Bell asked the partner team to consider, “What do you want to be true of Credera when you leave the firm?” Or more simply, “What is your legacy?” Each partner spent time considering the question and submitted statements they wanted to be true of their impact. 

Hear From Our Leaders About Legacy 

Three consistent themes emerged. Credera leaders want to create a legacy among our clients, our people, and our communities. 

In part one of our video series, we heard Credera’s Global CEO and President Justin Bell, CEO of Credera UK Chris Dean, and Managing Partner Andrew Warden share why living with a legacy mindset is important at Credera and to them personally.  

In part two, Credera’s Chief Data Scientist Vincent Yates, Credera’s Chief Innovation Officer Jake Carter, Partner Gail Stout Perry, and Chief Technology Officer of Credera UK Marius Rubin shared their desire to leave a legacy with our clients. These leaders find meaning and purpose through working for our client’s long-term success. 

In part three, Credera Partner Lu Truong, Partner Pete Gekas, and Chief People Officer of Credera UK Helen Kilvington opened up about why they believe in leaving a legacy with our people.

In our last video in the series, Credera leaders share why they care about leaving a legacy in our communities. Credera Managing Partner Kevin McDonald, Partner Pete Gekas, and Managing Partner Jen Koide share their passion for leaving a legacy in the community and why it matters to Credera’s mission.

Why Leaving a Legacy In Our Community Matters

Leaving a legacy in our community speaks to our core and character as a firm. We’re not just about the bottom line – it’s vital to all of us that we’re making an impact in the places where we live and work. Serving one another, our clients, and our communities unites us across practices, client projects, and physical office locations. It’s who we are and what we do. 

Our hope is to make such a meaningful impact with our neighbors that when people hear of Credera, there’s an association with servant leadership and real community impact.

At Credera, we aspire to be a global boutique consultancy, which means we’re aiming to reach around the earth. As Credera grows, the benefit of serving our communities together matters more than ever, and we believe it’s possible as we remain unified around our mission and utilize our collective resources.

To learn more about our service initiatives, check out this overview of Service Day 2021.   

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