Dec 02, 2022

Credera Honored as a 2022 Best Workplace for Parents

Credera Team

Credera Team

Credera Honored as a 2022 Best Workplace for Parents

We’re thrilled to announce that Great Place to Work and Fortune named Credera a 2022 Best Workplaces for Parents finalist. Credera was honored to be ranked in the top 30 small and medium companies acknowledged nationally. We are extremely proud to be recognized for the value we place on supporting and caring for our working parents.

This recognition was given after an exciting year full of several other Great Place to Work awards, including 2022 Best Workplaces for Millennials and 2022 Top Workplace USA awards, including four of the Culture Excellence awards.

About Best Workplaces for Parents

The Great Place to Work program honors companies that create exceptional work environments for all their employees. All employees of nominated companies are sent a survey of 60 statements and two open-ended questions to evaluate their experiences. To then be considered for the Best Workplaces for Parents award, companies had to be certified as a Great Place To Work based on survey responses and have at least 50 responses from parents.

85% of this award’s finalist list was based on parents’ experiences of trust and reaching their full potential at work, regardless of their identity or role in the company. Analysis focused on how parents’ experiences compare to those of non-parent co-workers and whether job level, race/ethnicity, or any other personal characteristic changed the support they received as a working parent.

The remaining 15% was based on how parenting status affects how employees from all backgrounds are equally involved in innovation opportunities, believe company values are lived out, and believe leadership is effective. The award also considers policies on parental leave, adoption, flexible schedule, childcare, and dependent healthcare benefits. More can be read about the award’s methodology here.

Stories From a Few of Our Working Parents

“I am so thankful for the gift of being a mother and having a fulfilling career at a place like Credera,” said Sarah Youngblood, senior director of finance. “The support I received from my family, my husband, and from everyone I work with at Credera has made it possible. I also know that everyone’s path is different. My hope for people at Credera is that they feel confident in making the choices that are right for them and their families—that they will know they have the support to be great inside and outside of work.”

You can read Sarah's inspiring story here.

Scott Blankenship, an architect in Technology Solutions, is a working father who was impacted by Credera’s support of his family. In 2019 he left the firm to move close to family in Oklahoma, but in 2020 his former Credera mentor reached out to bring him back as a remote employee through our Flexible Connection model.

"Since returning to Credera, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a global project and I had the honor of getting promoted to architect, all while working from my hometown, one room over from my wife and sometimes very loud kids,” said Scott. “Honestly, I feel pretty spoiled for having been able to create my own personal version of work-life balance, all within a firm that I love.”

When Rachel Slayter, also an architect in our Technology Solutions Practice, was pregnant and considering her options, she decided to speak with Pete Gekas, Credera’s Technology Solutions Practice lead, to discuss what it might look like to go part-time. She was initially nervous, but said:

“Pete gave me all the reassurance I needed that my career coach and my project directors would be able to work with me. That was the moment I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders, that I would be able to do this.” After returning from maternity leave, she confirmed, “I have been staffed on a couple projects now and both of them have just been the perfect fit for what I needed.”

About Credera

Credera is a global, boutique consulting firm focused on strategy, transformation, data, and technology. As a part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group, our nearly 4,000 consultants across the globe partner with clients ranging from long-time market leaders to emerging companies, delivering strategy and execution leadership to create tangible business results. Credera's deep business acumen and technical expertise, combined with a deep dedication to building trusted relationships, unlocks extraordinary business performance for our clients. Our mission is to make an extraordinary impact for our clients, people, and communities.

We strive to create an ever-improving, supportive work environment that is people-first and deeply rooted in our core values. Interested in learning more? Visit the About Us page to get a closer look at other facets of Credera’s culture.

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