Nov 04, 2021

Career Mentorship & Coaching

Credera Team

Credera Team

Career Mentorship & Coaching

Whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, or just starting your career, there’s a lot to consider when making early career decisions. Will you have growth opportunities and be challenged? Will you feel like a number, or be known and invested in? Will your work make a difference? 

Early job seekers are looking for an opportunity that will drive their careers in consulting forward and set them up for future success. However, it can be rare to find a company that provides both significant career growth and personal investment at the same time.

A Culture of Mentorship

At Credera, personal investment in every employee is core to who we are and what we value. We believe true leadership includes empowering and growing the next generation. 

One way this is lived out is through our formal mentorship and career coaching program. 

We sat down with a few Credera team members to ask about their experiences with mentorship and career coaching at Credera. In this video, hear Christopher TungWill PittmanShani Rainey, and Kathryn Thompson share what mentorship means to them and how having formal mentors at Credera has positively impacted their careers and personal lives. 

Career Coaching at Credera

When a new employee starts the firm, they are assigned a career coach that becomes their formally assigned mentor within their practice. These mentors are typically one to two levels ahead and their goal is to get to know their mentees, introduce them to Credera’s culture, and provide support and coaching through every moment at Credera. 

The career coach program ensures that employees aren’t put into a cookie-cutter development process, but rather as mentors get to know their mentees, they help them develop personally and professionally in a way that is tailored to the individual. As Credera continues to grow, our Career Coach program allows everyone to have a voice to ask questions, express concerns, and communicate career goals.

And no matter what point you’re at in your career, we all benefit from mentorship and knowing that someone cares. This is what makes Credera a unique place to work – there are global opportunities for growth and challenging work, but our mentorship and career coaching program ensures that each team member is known and cared for.

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