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Why it Matters

Transform at scale using technology, data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

The insurance market will be transformed over the next five years, driven by technology, data, and AI. To be successful, insurers will need to partner with expert organizations who understand the industry and have the technical capability to deliver at scale in a rapidly changing environment.

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Transform organizations

Insurance organizations who can thrive in the coming transformation will find success. Considering change management principles will set them apart from the competition.

Simplify and modernize legacy technology

Complex legacy estates have implications on change agility, IT expenses, and operational risk. Taking a pragmatic approach to architecture simplification and modernization while using established techniques will maximize value. 

  • Unlock the value from a modern flexible architecture.

  • Drive efficiency through modern data and software engineering practices.

Accelerate the time to value from data

Insurers need to access data quickly and easily with absolute confidence in the meaning and quality of that data. Leaders will define and deliver their data strategy, architecture, operating model, and data governance frameworks to enhance value.

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is excellence. In tackling some of the most complex and challenging problems facing the insurance industry, we have an arsenal of insights and experience. We call our approach the Credera difference, and we invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experiences working with us.

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To me, the Credera Difference is you get the team you’re promised. Having Credera’s support through some of the tough challenges we have faced over the years has been a relief—knowing I’ve got trusted experts on the ground in the detail and keeping me informed so I can make good decisions on behalf of our market. I really enjoy working with Credera because they are so good at collaborating with us and actually being our trusted experts.

Louise Day

Chief Operating Officer, International Underwriting Association (IUA)


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We're available to talk—and we're here to help.

At Credera, we’re only as good as our people, and we bring a highly skilled and diverse set of experts together for the benefit of our clients.

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Antonio Peneda



Andrew Dixon
Andrew Dixon

Managing Director


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Leo Romanenko



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Nick Vaughan

Managing Director


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