Invitation Homes

Invitation Homes improves governance and security.

Invitation Homes improves governance and security leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) and AWS native services.

At a Glance

Invitation Homes engaged Credera to transform its manual cloud infrastructure provisioning and management system to an automated solution leveraging infrastructure as code (IaC) and AWS native services. Through the ability to automatically manage infrastructure, costs, and permissions across the distributed AWS footprint, Invitation Homes achieved an improved security posture, increased visibility into cost and maintenance overhead, and consistently applied governance standards.

The Challenge

Improving efficiency and manual processes.

Invitation Homes’ AWS environment was provisioned and expanded with ad hoc, manual processes to support new business needs as well as the integration of new AWS accounts from acquisitions. This led to an inconsistent implementation of computing, networking, and security resources across multiple accounts that a small Invitation Homes team was responsible for maintaining and controlling. As Invitation Homes found success in the cloud, it's AWS footprint began rapidly expanding. That made ongoing management more complex and increased the possibility of security vulnerabilities not being addressed quickly or workloads not being sized and maintained to optimize AWS costs.

The Solution

Implementing an automated solution leveraging AWS.

Credera worked with Invitation Homes to design and build a multi-account AWS Organization using AWS Control Tower where all the infrastructure would be provisioned with IaC. Using Control Tower Guardrails, best practices and security controls were enforced and tracked across all AWS accounts. Invitations Homes’ security team was then able to consolidate their view of the organization’s security posture via a centralized audit account leveraging AWS GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub checks to inform the footprint’s security posture. Credera helped set up Terraform Cloud with the AWS provider to work with the new accounts and created Terraform modules to create shared resources in the Organization-governed accounts, including a new networking pattern leveraging AWS Transit Gateway. Additional Terraform templates and modules were created as blueprints for migrating existing workloads to the new Control Tower managed accounts. This allowed for the standardization of AWS infrastructure and the implementation of AWS System Center Patch Management to automate the patch maintenance of EC2 instances as workloads were migrated to the new accounts.


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