Leading Home Services Website

Leading home services website completes seamless business model transition.

As the product and engineering organizations sought to transform a leading home services website's core business model, Credera partnered with sales and marketing to prepare them for the coming changes and facilitate rapid adoption​.

At a Glance

When a leading home services website identified the need to transform their core business model, they engaged Credera to help prepare for the coming changes and facilitate rapid adoption. Credera's contribution included implementing a program management structure and developing training and communication plans resulting in a successful launch and rapid adoption of the new platform. When the time came to transform, over 350 sales and marketing team members were well prepared, adoption was increased, and the pilot team outperformed the majority in sales revenue.

The Challenge

Readying the organization for significant transformation.

At the time of engagement, the product and engineering departments at a leading home services website had just launched an initiative to completely redesign its advertising platform. The redesign would optimize the distribution of leads to advertising service professionals on the site, streamline the selling and agreement acceptance processes, and unlock a new degree of marketing precision.​

The changes implemented with the new ad platform would significantly impact the more than 350-person sales and marketing organizations. So the team enlisted Credera’s help with program and change management.​

The Solution

Building a coalition of change makers.

Credera and the home services website company worked across organizational departments to ready the organization for change.

  • Implemented a program management structure with six distinct workstreams to ensure sales and marketing readiness for pilot go-live​.

  • Secured the sponsorship of all vice presidents and directors of the impacted organizations​.

  • Enlisted the support of over 20 influential managers and sales reps to own preparatory task execution and to act as change agents​.

  • Developed training and change communication plans and materials.

  • Supported creation of the new product’s value proposition and sales pitch for the originations and account management groups​.

  • Supported the development of the migration plan for existing advertisers​.

  • Managed the capital expenditure budget for the entire product organization​.

  • Coordinated several software vendors and systems integrated into the platform​.

The Results

Organization transitioned quickly to the new platform and outperformed the former system in the first month.

Through the partnership, the organization was well prepared for the transition that fueled rapid adoption and an increase in sales revenue during the first month of launch.


By the time the new platform was ready to launch, the more than 350-member sales and marketing organizations were well prepared​.


Incorporated over 50 key sales and marketing stakeholders in the preparation process, resulting in excitement and rapid adoption among their cohorts at go-live​.


The originations team that piloted the new platform outperformed the majority in sales revenue in the very first month of launch, even amid technology hiccups.​

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