Gold's Gym

Streamlining employee reporting processes through self-service options.

Credera and Gold's Gym partner to reduce time lost sending reports and enable more up-to-date reporting through Power BI implementation.

At a Glance

Gold’s Gym is the world’s trusted fitness authority with over 50 years of empowering members to achieve their fitness goals. Gold’s Gym approached Credera with an opportunity to help streamline their end-user reporting capabilities using dashboarding and visualization tools. Through the build out of a virtual, operations data mart and view to be leveraged by Power BI, Gold’s Gym is now able to focus on their business by eliminating time spent communicating data. They enabled intraday adjustments, simplified their rollups, and improved visibility of data at all levels of the organization to make quicker, better informed decisions.

The Challenge

Organization is slowed down by manual reporting processes.

Gold’s Gym approached Credera with an opportunity to help streamline their end-user reporting capabilities using dashboards and visualization tools.  Operational data was being pulled into an operational data store (ODS) and queried through SQL server reporting service (SSRS) reports to deliver 250 pages of operational reports to over 100 end-users at every management level of the organization multiple times daily.  Divisional managers were required to disseminate that information to the field level. Gold's Gym wanted to streamline this process and give managers more time to focus on the business.

The Solution

Bringing the vision of automated reporting to reality.

Credera partnered with Gold's Gym to assess existing reports and find the right solution help move the business forward.

  • Performed an assessment to review existing reports and provide wireframes for future state dashboards and visualizations​.

  • Recommended Power BI Premium based on number and type of users accessing reports.

  • Built out a virtual operations data mart and views to be leveraged in Power BI​.

  • Designed a customized, row-level security approach to provide access to all levels of their organization​.

  • Enabled data refreshes every 30 minutes to provide management up-to-date data when they needed it.

The Results

Transforming into a data-driven organization.

Gold's Gym has now streamlined their reporting process and is experiencing many benefits including:


Eliminated time spent for divisional managers to disseminate information to field managers, allowing them to focus on managing the business​.


Sales managers were able to adjust promotions in real time based on up-to-date key performance indicators in order to meet new member signup goals​.


Rollup of data into different reporting hierarchies could be achieved with a click of a button rather than requiring development efforts in SSRS​.


Ease of access and consumption of data improved visibility at all levels of the organization to see the data they needed at the right time at the right level, to make decisions.

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