Better customer service with chatbot technology.

EmployBridge and Credera worked together to create a chatbot that freed up call center agents to focus on revenue generation.

At a Glance

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions processing two million job applicants per year. EmployBridge leverages call center agents to assist applicants through the application process and screen them for potential job matches. The flood of applicants seeking work through EmployBridge was more than the call center agents could handle, resulting in 20,000 unanswered calls per week. Credera leveraged innovative thinking coupled with deep technical capability to design, build, and train a chatbot to assist applicants through the recruiting process. The chatbot successfully handled needs 71% of the time, freeing call center agents to focus on revenue generation and saving 1,200 conversation hours per month.

The Challenge

Extending capacity through technology.

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions processing 2 million job applicants per year.  EmployBridge leverages call center agents to assist applicants through the application process and screen them for potential job matches.​

The flood of applicants seeking work through EmployBridge was more than the call center agents could handle resulting in 20,000 unanswered calls per week.​

EmployBridge needed to find a way to augment the capacity of call centers to better support applicants.

The Solution

Driving applicant engagement through customer insights.

We leveraged our unique experience to identify an innovative approach using leverage a combination of technologies including EmployBridge’s omnichannel platform, Azure Bot Framework, and Azure Cognitive Services to build a chatbot to serve as the first touch point for applicants.​

We began with an envisioning phase to ensure the conversation flow felt human-like and provided an enjoyable applicant experience.​

We integrated omnichannel APIs into the Credera-developed associate portal and brand websites to provide a real-time chat interface for applicants to engage with the chatbot first and escalate to call center agents as needed for more complex applicant requests.

The Results

Increasing capacity with an integrated solution.

INCREASED CAPACITY WITHIN CALL CENTERS Agents are able to multi-task handling multiple live chats at a time. This doubles and triples agent capacity​.

CHATBOT PROVIDED ALTERNATE PATHS TO ANSWERS Initiated over 40,000 conversations in three-month pilot, successfully handling 71% of applicant concerns, escalating only 17% to agents with 12% abandoning the chat​.

SAVED 1,200 CONVERSATION HOURS PER MONTH Off-loaded simpler conversations to the chatbot and moved more complex ones to live chat, and converting conversation hours to additional call center capacity. ​

LEVERAGED EXISTING CORE SYSTEMS​ Integrated with existing screening and onboarding processes and created features to provide a unified experience after applying.

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