We never sacrifice quality for quantity. Growing client demand and an expanding national footprint drives our pursuit for those special few to join our team. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to take the next bold step on your journey, we have opportunities for students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals.

Students & Graduates

We’re looking for individuals from top universities who can lead and perform. If you join us, you will be welcomed into an environment that encourages you to make meaningful contributions to our clients and community.

  • Internships: If you are currently a college junior, our program provides firsthand experience working with people who want to invest in you and provide you hands-on client work and training
  • Full-Time Positions: If you are a college senior or recent graduate, we are looking for high performing students who desire to serve others well and demonstrate humility throughout the process
Experienced Professionals

Investing in leaders, having conversations that deal with important issues, working within reality, asking for forgiveness when we miss the mark – these are a few examples of how we demonstrate our care for our people. If you join us, it will be different than your previous work experiences. You will grow here and be encouraged. You will have the opportunity to do meaningful work that has an impact.


Heartbeat of the Firm

President & CEO Rob Borrego and others describe what Credera is like and what sets us apart from other consulting firms.

A Glimpse into Consulting at Credera

A few of our leaders provide their perspective on how Credera enables you to grow.

Working in the Sweet Spot of Life

Experience how Credera has impacted the lives of our team members.


We are a meritocracy. You will move up as quickly as you are able to consistently demonstrate you are ready for the next level. However, this is not an ‘up or out’ culture. We value our people at every stage of their careers.

We are professionals who understand the value of growth. There is always something new to learn in our industry. We challenge our team members to be subject-matter experts through formal and informal training. From conferences across the country to local training on particular technologies, the goal is always the same: equip you for success.

In addition, our clients call on us to help them with the latest technologies. In our experience, the best way to learn something new is to actually do it. Fortunately, you will be on a team with thought-provoking leaders in their respective fields who are committed to helping both team members and our clients achieve optimal business solutions.


Serving our communities

We invest time, talent, and resources into people and programs where we live and throughout the world.


We invest time, talent, and treasure (money) to create a meaningful and lasting impact on our communities. We seek to be intricately involved by establishing relationships within each organization and ministry, and are proud to be part of something bigger.

Our Core Values

In today‘s marketplace, the rules of business are rapidly changing. We believe our daily values must remain steady and consistent, regardless of circumstances. Our values are the building blocks of our culture and the basis for everything we do at Credera.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead
The Credera Core Values
Professional people do what they say they will do and refuse to make excuses along the way. We bring a respectful attitude and the right skills to every situation.
We never try to “sell” a client on a perfect plan or solution. There’s no such thing. But we do achieve remarkable results in everything we do.
In every behavior we seek consistency with what we have said we believe. Our actions match our words. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
In every decision we consider our clients’ and colleagues’ interests as more important than our own. When we are wrong, we own our part, ask for forgiveness, and work to rebuild confidence and trust.



If your values, goals, and objectives are in line with ours, then the opportunities at Credera are potentially boundless. View available positions and complete our online application process. Take your next step with Credera.



Not ready to apply but have a question about our career opportunities, want to know what it looks like to work at Credera, or just want to stay in touch?