Environmental Data Architecture

Develop a systematic approach to carbon accounting to meet environmental sustainability commitments to stakeholders and communities.

Point of View

Empower your organization to frequently monitor progress toward environmental sustainability goals.

Many organizations have set bold net zero carbon targets on their environmental sustainability journey. To gauge progress toward those targets, organizations have typically measured carbon emissions on a yearly basis with minimal visibility in the time between measurements. Leaders face challenges on which framework to choose, how to integrate multiple data sources, and how to keep up with the best of best tooling out there. 

At Credera, we take the time to understand our client’s environmental sustainability goals, the existing systems and data, and the underlying technology architecture before recommending a path forward. Organizations receive a robust environmental data architecture foundation for their long-term carbon accounting operations, decarbonization strategies, and other environmental measurement efforts. Through systematic process, organizations have the necessary emissions information to tell a compelling, data-centric environmental sustainability story.


Data that drives real change.

Build and optimize systems to collect crucial environmental data and efficiently calculate emissions.

Environmental Data Platform

Transform disparate activity data into standard reports to efficiently calculate carbon emissions over reporting periods.

Carbon Accounting Tool Selection Process

Methodically narrow down the field of likely candidates to the right option for your unique needs.