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The world’s most innovative toolkit to create business value. ​

Why it Matters

A holistic approach to cloud adoption.​

We work with organizations to take an integrated approach to cloud transformation, use accelerators to move fast, and bring experienced guides to each engagement for expert collaboration along the way.​

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Integrated approach​

Cloud technology demands a high rate of change for the entire organization. Take an end-to-end approach to cloud transformation to plan for organizational needs beyond the technology to make change stick.   ​


ochange initiatives fail due to employee resistance to change and lack of management support.​


Use accelerators to rapidly solve common problems and focus your collective energy on the challenges that make you unique. ​

Experienced cloud leaders​

We believe having the right people with the right experience is critical to driving results. This matters so that teams can have:

  • Multi-cloud perspective: Experienced cloud experts have worked across many cloud platforms and can discuss the pros and cons of each depending on the client situation, giving unique insight.

  • Creative and innovative solutions: Through real conversations, experienced cloud leaders seek to understand unique organizational needs. They use their experience to create pragmatic solutions rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions.

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is humility. We believe humility is critical to win in the constantly changing world of cloud. We’ve tried many times which means we’ve seen failure and know how to avoid the pitfalls and challenges in the cloud ecosystem. We call this the Credera Difference, and we invite you to hear directly from some of our clients about their experiences working with us.​ ​ When it comes to cloud, we support our clients with teams who bring their expertise in many different technologies to find the right, tailored approach to your cloud transformation needs. We've found that cloud challenges are common, but the solutions are nuanced and specific to each organization. ​

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The Credera team’s technical expertise, deep understanding of our business, well-thought-out methodology, and focus on change management were all critical to this project’s success. We ultimately achieved amazing breakthroughs in our technical infrastructure and business outcomes thanks to the team’s tremendous accomplishments. They were just what we needed to overcome the considerable hurdles that we faced.

Senior Director, Data Governance and Engineering​


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Discover our partnerships.​

We work closely with these partnerships and have deep knowledge of these tools to to deliver the best results for a client’s specific needs and goals.​

AWSAzureGoogle Cloud
AWSAzureGoogle Cloud

Our Experts

We believe we’re better together.

At Credera, we believe unique perspectives and backgrounds make us better, stronger, and faster. Creating a better environment to work grow and deliver outstanding client experiences. Meet our leaders in this space. ​

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Peter Kiernan



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James Breeze

Managing Director


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Todd Hatley

Chief Revenue Officer


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John Davies



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