Small Moments, Big Impact

Unlock extraordinary moments

Our unique stories and experiences shape who we are and who we will become. These moments help define a culture. We invite you to explore the diverse and significant moments from Credera team members that have made a big impact.

The Heart of a Global Boutique Consulting Firm

How does a company measure and explain their culture? Culture is an intangible. It can’t be seen or touched. Yet it impacts everything about a team member’s experience. And at Credera, we believe our culture is created through the thousands of moments, choices, and acts that all come together to make a place of growth, care, and impact.

As Credera expands our global presence, we remain passionately focused on the fabric of our boutique culture. We are excited to share the real moments of impact by showcasing what makes our global boutique consulting firm special through the stories of our people, the most trustworthy source. These moments have always, and will continue to define our culture and keep us extraordinary.

We invite you to watch as Credera Global CEO, Justin Bell, shares why he believes in the power of moments.

Moments of Impact

Stories of impact that demonstrate the Credera difference

We all have significant moments in our lives – meaningful experiences that shape us and mold our careers. These moments stand out in our memories. They impact us; and over time, they define us. With varied experiences, backgrounds, and expertise we work together to build a place where leaders thrive. These are our moments of impact.

Emily Crawford

After Emily’s apartment caught on fire, her team rallied around her in a way that blew Emily away. Hear how their support has defined how Emily leads and works today.

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Bria Ford

The creation of CredColor was one of the first times Bria felt fully seen as a person of color in the workforce. Hear how leadership’s investment in this ERG impacted Bria.

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Scott Blankenship

Scott left Credera in 2019 to move closer to family. Hear how Credera’s Flexible Connection model allowed him to return to the firm and work fully remotely.

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Bronek Carr

When Bronek's project became increasingly complex, he made the decision to call for help from senior leaders. Leadership's encouraging response created a significant moment of impact.

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Rachel Slayter

When Rachel found out she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to find a way to prioritize her family while still growing her career as an Architect in Credera’s Technology Solutions practice.

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Kittipong Saetia

Kittipong always loved solving hard problems through data. Hear how Kittipong jumped into innovative work with interesting clients by choosing to join Credera, and how those moments have made an impact on him professionally and personally.

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Being Part of the Credera Team

A career at Credera means real relationships, exciting work, and interesting challenges with the world’s most dynamic brands. Teams work together to solve our clients’ toughest challenges in a high trust environment, with room to run and create. We believe in providing global opportunities to try new things, all with a culture that creates moments of impact. These moments happen while ideating at a white board, in a career coaching coffee chat, during an employee resource group book club, and everywhere in between.

Credera’s mission of making an extraordinary impact on our clients, colleagues, and communities is rooted in our core values of People-First, Integrity, Tenacity, Humility, and Excellence. As much as we want to achieve excellent work, there is always a willingness to make sure we are not sacrificing what is truly important—making an impact across all parts of our lives. Credera has built an inclusive workplace where our people can be great at home, at work, and in the community.

A Different Kind of Consulting Firm

As a global, boutique consulting firm, Credera is focused on building our culture even as we grow rapidly. Our consultants across the globe partner with clients ranging from long-time market leaders to emerging companies from strategy through execution to create tangible business results. Credera’s deep business acumen and technical expertise, combined with a dedication to building trusted relationships, unlocks extraordinary business performance for our clients.

Credera’s People-First focus gives you the opportunity to grow your consulting career while at the same time allowing you to plant roots in your community if that is the path you choose. You will not be required to travel for project work, but the opportunity to travel is available whenever it matches your season of life.

Explore our offices around the global to find out more about the local culture in each unique market.

Our Culture

Moments of impact don’t just happen by accident, they are created by people who care

At Credera, these small moments are fueled by key initiatives and leaders who are driven by our core values and mission. Find out more about what makes us unique.

Life at Credera

At Credera, we’re driven by an unrelenting passion for genuine relationships and excellence. Being our best at work, at home, and in the community inspires us to grow each and every day.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Credera, diversity, equity, and inclusion is a strategic business initiative. Learn more about our DE&I iniatitves and why it matters.

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Our Leadership

The Credera Leadership team strives to lead the firm with transparency, servant leadership, and authenticity that develops trusted relationships. Meet the team.

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A day in the life of our team members.

Each day comes with it’s own excitement and opportunities. Our team members share what life at Credera looks like for them on a day-to-day basis.

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