CredColor is committed to leading the charge to foster an inclusive environment for Credera employees who are people of color, help to accelerate each person’s growth, and drive awareness and change across Credera and local communities.

Our Objectives

Celebrate, explore, and grow within and across our unique cultures, ethnicities and experiences.

CredColor seeks to drive awareness, visibility, and inclusion opportunities for people of color within Credera, as well as engage with and create an impact our communities.

What are CredColor’s focus areas?

CredColor will focus on creating and sharing content, centered around impactful and educational cross-cultural topics and celebrating the successes of our CredColor teammates. We’ll also be hosting events to celebrate important dates within our diverse set of ethnicities and cultures. We will advocate for and amplify the voices of our Crederians of color within the shaping of Credera’s strategy, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals, recruiting, and brand development. We’ll prioritize identifying leadership growth opportunities, mentoring relationships, and development programs to invest in developing our high-potential Crederians-of-color, ensuring more diverse representation at senior levels over time. We aim to establish impactful relationships with, getting involved in, and serving various organizations within our communities CredColor.

What’s happening within CredColor?

CredColor strives to provide opportunities to celebrate, learn from each other, and deepen relationships inside of CredColor, across Credera globally, and within our local communities. CredColor’s pillars of inclusion, leadership, community, and recruitment are grounded in sponsoring innovative, educational and engaging events throughout the year. CredColor hosts Culture Days, networking events, and community service days, in addition to educational and inspirational panels and workshops focused on driving change and exploring intersectionality.

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