TechnologyNov 07, 2023

Technology Tangents | The big bet on Generative AI: How to design profitable generative AI business models

Credera Team

The big bet on Generative AI: How to...

Credera is excited to announce the release of our latest Technology Tangents podcast episode: "The big bet on Generative AI: How to design profitable generative AI business models". In Technology Tangents, Credera's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer bring leaders together to discuss the modern technologies of today and how organizations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

The discussions are fun, light-hearted, and frankly opinionated, but hopefully it gives technology leaders a sense of what matters, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor FM.

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On this episode 

Investing in AI is a crucial business decision that can significantly impact a company's future. However, the substantial costs associated and the uncertainty of achieving profitable returns pose significant challenges. How can businesses effectively navigate this risk and make informed investment choices?

In the upcoming episode of our Technology Tangents podcast, Vincent Yates and Jason Goth engage in a conversation with Kevin Erickson, Partner at Credera, to delve into the intricacies of AI investment strategies. The discussion focuses on the startup-like nature of AI investments, how organizations should consider such investments, and effective methodologies for developing profitable generative AI business models.

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