User experience strategy​

We help our clients empathize with their customers, uncover actionable insights through rapid user research, and develop experience strategies that achieve desired business outcomes.​

Why It Matters

Results start with strategy​.

Too often, companies spin their wheels on efforts that don’t align with customer needs. If you assume you know your customer but don’t do research to truly understand their needs and wants, decisions are ill-informed, opportunities are missed, resources are wasted, and ultimately, customers and potential revenue may be lost.​

​We remove the risk of not knowing through a data and user insights-driven, stakeholder-informed approach that creates the strategic foundation necessary to deliver digital experiences customers love and that drive business impact.​

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Gain critical user insights​

Want to win your customers’ hearts, minds, and wallet share? Get to know them, deeply. Using both generative and evaluative research methods, we help you delve in early, often, and consistently to gather actionable customer insights that fuel a more nuanced customer understanding and informed, effective user experience (UX) strategy. ​


of customers stop doing business with a beloved brand after just one bad experience.​ ​

Craft a winning UX strategy​

Building off the insights gathered, we establish a unified vision for an improved future state that aligns customer needs and desires with business objectives. We define goals, set priorities, build the roadmap, set measurement plans, and ultimately craft a cohesive strategy that ensures we aren’t wasting precious resources building the wrong thing.​


return on investment—every dollar companies invest in UX results in a return of $100.​

Build the plan to succeed​

Successful orchestration of customer experiences requires a well-defined plan. By enumerating personas and customer journeys, content strategy, and information architecture, we develop successful new products and experiences that engage customers and deliver value to the business. ​


of strategic initiatives fail—it’s imperative all aspects of strategy, planning, and execution are carefully considered.​

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

At Credera, one of our core values is tenacity. Behind an extraordinary UX strategy is a driven team that knows how to navigate complexity, solve nuanced business and customer challenges, tackle obstacles head-on, and bring creative problem solving to bear—all while  keeping our clients aligned and engaged throughout the process. We call this the Credera Difference. This is backed up by our clients who were happy to share their experiences working with us as partners.​

​ By helping our clients more intimately understand their customers and how to use those insights to inform business decisions, we ensure that an experience-driven focus not only exists at the project level but takes root as a foundational mindset throughout the organization. The results enable our clients to strategically transform their offerings, improve customer experiences, and drive ongoing value across their digital channels.​

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Credera has done a fantastic job of setting expectations and meeting or exceeding those expectations on the IT front, on the marketing front, and on the business front.

Wade Allen​

Former Senior Vice President of Digital Innovation, Chili’s Restaurants

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High-impact experience strategy​.

We’ve got lots of tools in our toolbox, but the craft of developing effective experience design strategy lies in knowing the right methods to use, when to leverage them, and how to combine their value with a human-centered mindset committed to driving business value.

Design strategy​

Link business goals to customer insights for transformative digital experiences, enhancing products, services, and overall business strategy.​

Generative research​

Discover true customer needs with user interviews, surveys, and other proven generative methods to extract insights for stronger strategy.​

User research assessments​

Overcome the inertia of fragmented, unleveraged customer insights. We review, consolidate, and centralize existing research and identify gaps to close in order to enable better decision-making.

Usability audit​

Identify strengths and detect areas for growth based on the customer viewpoint. We provide actionable insights and recommendations via user feedback, usability tests, and other top-tier evaluative research tools.​

Empathetic journey mapping​

Traditional journey maps often miss the heart of customer decisions: their emotions. We refine journey mapping to capture the highs and lows that drive behavior for increased impact.

Design sprints and workshops​

Rapidly collaborate, ideate, prototype, and test ideas through structured, proven methods for a jolt of solid progress toward reliable solutions.​

Content strategy​

We build content strategies that enable our clients to find a sustainable rhythm of producing, optimizing, and governing high-performance content. ​

Content audit​

Assess existing content quality using set criteria and user insights to guide decisions on what to keep, edit, or retire for optimal impact.​

Service design

Map the end-to-end process of providing a service, both what is visible to the user and what is hidden, to identify improvement opportunities.

Information architecture and taxonomy​

Using strategic organization, coordination, and labeling, we craft intuitive navigation and information architecture, ensuring effortless content access for your customers.​

Archetypes and personas​

We turn data into relatable, humanized characters, capturing core traits. This method enhances empathy, insight, and fuels content and design decisions.​

Our Experts

Leaders across industry and expertise.

At Credera, our leaders bring their experience and backgrounds across industries while seeking to understand the nuance of each challenge. This creates real partnership and results on every engagement.

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