AI models​

Beat the odds and launch artificial intelligence (AI) models that improve decision-making, empower a competitive edge, and drive significant business value.

Why It Matters

Create a new level of data understanding and agility.

The importance of AI models lies in their ability to provide organizations with insights and predictions based on large amounts of data, leading to opportunities for transformation across each part of the organization. ​

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AI models are highly adaptative, constantly churning through large-scale data for continuous improvements. Through the implementation of AI models, businesses can automate tasks, reduce human error, and streamline processes for improved efficiency and profitability.​

Data processing​

By extracting, refining, and analyzing vast amounts of data at scale, AI models equip organizations with insight-driven decision-making for better business strategies. From upgrading security to advancing supply chain optimization, leveraging the power of AI models not only improves the speed at which your organization operates, but the quality as well.​

  • Market insights: Analyze vast amounts of market and consumer data to identify trends and opportunities​.

  • Fraud detection: Discover real-time patterns of fraudulent activities and security breaches. ​

  • Maintenance: Analyze system data for proactive and cost-effective maintenance monitoring. ​


By facilitating faster and more effective consumer research and product development, AI models allow organizations to innovate ahead of the market. Personalization is a must-have for companies operating across industries, and AI models can sift through a high volume of consumer data to tailor products according to individual needs, ultimately boosting customer retention and satisfaction.​

How We Can Help

Experience the difference.

One of our core values at Credera is excellence. We’re not in the business of “selling” the perfect planinstead, we take our time to explore the real-world issues affecting your organization and look to apply the right AI solutions to meet your needs. We call this this the Credera Difference.​​

At Credera, we take a holistic approach to AI projects, scrutinizing a solution from a variety of perspectives. We leverage a suite of best practices to iterate on initial concepts and deliver an effective, production-ready solution that will last. Our passionate data scientists work at the cutting edge of AI development and consider each client’s nuanced needs and positioning to find the right technology to meet business goals.​

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We are at an inflection point with AI right now. This technology will be steeped in everything you do every day. The most fascinating part is that when designed well, we likely don’t even realize AI is there powering that experience.

Vincent Yates

Global Chief Data Scientist, Credera

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Set a clear direction for AI model development.

Foster sustainable business growth and success through a cohesive and connected environment of data, AI models, and operations.​

Generative AI​

Create AI-generated content that meets customer needs and drives loyalty and engagement​.

Next best action​

Develop models that optimize your customer journey and put your organization ahead of the competition​.

Federated learning​

Train AI models across multiple devices or services whilst safeguarding data privacy​.

AI training​

Create robust AI learning systems through prompt engineering, instruction training, human feedback loops, and domain-specific training data.

Foundation models​

Build sophisticated and contextually-aware language-based systems with reduced development time and effort​.

Copilot AI​

Leverage AI models to encode practices and experience and speed up your development processes with Microsoft Copilot​.


Discover our partnerships.

Our strategic partnerships help us implement cutting-edge AI solutions across a diverse range of industries and organizations, equipping our clients with advanced data science, ML, and AI capabilities at scale.​

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Snaplogic partnership logoSeldonAWSOpenAIDatabricksMidjourneyHubspotSnowflakeDataIKUAzureGoogle CloudElasticHuggingfaceAdobe Firefly

Our Experts

Leaders across industry and expertise.

At Credera, we believe that unique perspectives and backgrounds make us better, stronger, and faster. Meet our leaders in this space who are creating a better environment to work, grow, and deliver outstanding client experiences.

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