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The sheer volume of data stored by modern organizations is huge and growing, but it's useless without the processes in place to monetize it. The data experts at Credera employ the latest data-focused technologies on AWS to enable enterprise-scale organizations to deliver real, measurable business value.

Data & metadata storage

Leverage the range of storage choices on AWS including Redshift, S3, and Glacier. Store the right data, with the proper balance of retrievability and cost, and the correct, easily managed permissions to remove blockers and make data easily accessible to data experts within your organization.

Distributing computing workflows

Analysis of data approaching the petabyte scale often requires more computational capacity than a single machine can supply, no matter how well it’s provisioned. Utilize the wealth of data you have available using AWS tooling like EMR and Glue to funnel that data into clusters of easily configurable computing workflows. These distributed jobs inform business strategy in ways that wouldn’t be possible with traditional methods of analysis.


Use AWS services such as Amazon QuickSight to build clean, digestible visualizations from multiple feeds within an organization. These visualizations are used by employees from service staff to C-suite executives to immediately gain an up-to-date view of their data and act on it to deliver fast business outcomes. Enable early analysis of trends or changes that can then direct a more focused, rigorous analysis.


Employ real-time data to react instantly to business events with AWS technologies built around streaming data, from Firehose feeding data into storage as it arrives, to Kinesis allowing streams to be filtered and shaped so client applications only receive the data they care about.

Machine learning

Discover advanced trends in data or even automatically respond to business situations in time frames faster than a human possibly could with technologies like Sagemaker. Enable your organization to learn fast and grow in this space.

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As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we advise clients and deliver end-to-end AWS solutions that unlock innovation and increase flexibility, scalability, and security to accelerate business goals and growth.​​

Leveraging the data capabilities of AWS, Credera's data team help organizations take a product-focused approach to store and organize their data quickly and efficiently, feeding it to areas of the business that need it the most, deriving insights that would otherwise remain hidden, and automating processes to enable operational scale with a lasting data strategy.​

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Achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency is a celebration of Credera teams working together with our global clients to deliver innovative data solutions powered by modern AWS engineering. We’re excited to accelerate our efforts to apply the latest AWS technology to our shared customers’ toughest challenges.

Ryan Gross

Credera Partner and Data & Analytics leader

Ryan Gross

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