Adobe Audience Manager

Gain a deep understanding of your customers and interact with them when and where they're most receptive.


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With Adobe Audience Manager (AAM), we create audiences from owned and external sources so you can market to them instantly.

Unified data

Unify multiple data sources and find the customers most responsive to your messages and offers.

Omnichannel reach

Build audiences with channel and timing preferences, ready for real-time activation.

360-degree profiles

Integrate AAM with virtually any third-party data set to fill the gaps in customer understanding.

Targeted journeys

Visualize and narrate your personalized customer journeys, then track your messaging success.

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Super-charge your marketing efforts.

Our team of specialists empowers you to get the most out of your Adobe investment. We’ll leverage the activities and attributes of known and anonymous prospects and customers to create audience segments and unlock that power through real-time, multichannel activations.

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