Mar 23, 2023

How to Get Your Campaigns Out of the Queue and in Front of Your Audience

Paige White

Paige White

How to Get Your Campaigns Out of the Queue and in Front of Your Audience

Campaign backlogs cost you money. When too many tasks remain unfinished, projects can stretch out for weeks or months — some might even get overlooked altogether — and drain your budget and resources in the process.

Whether they're caused by a lack of budget, resources, or simply too many requests to handle, backlogs are also roadblocks to market reach and, ultimately, conversions.

All these factors can have a significant impact on your revenue and return on investment (ROI).

Issues That Create Campaign Backlogs

One of the biggest obstacles marketers face in getting campaigns through the queue is requests that don't contain all the necessary information or lack the right assets. You might feel like you’re having to ask the same questions over and over again and constantly needing to chase down information. Chances are, these activities aren’t built into your schedule, so requests start to pile up when you don’t have time to get the answers you need.

Next are the long and tedious tasks required for manual campaign management and tracking. Once again, this involves chasing down the status of each step and making sure the creation process is moving along. And once everything is finally in place, the approval process presents its own set of bottlenecks and delays.

At the bottom of all this are disparate systems that lead to disconnects between the intended messaging, the creative design, and, ultimately, the campaign development. When your team members work in silos, that hinders communication and slows processes.

Defining the Solution

To address those issues and get your campaigns out of the queue, you’ll need to:

  1. Streamline the campaign request process: Ensure that all the required information is collected upfront.

  2. Minimize manual processes: Save time and eliminate errors with automation.

  3. Hold team members accountable: Set realistic timelines and make it clear who is in charge of each phase, including approvals.

Implementing the Solution

Our proprietary Marketo + Workfront Fusion is an innovative solution that simplifies the campaign request process, from conception to completion. It integrates your Adobe Workfront, Creative Cloud, and Marketo Engage environments to streamline workflows and reduce complexity.Our Marketo + Workfront Fusion syncs those environments for better, more timely collaboration. Marketing managers and project managers can use Workfront to create complete campaign requests and schedule and assign the associated tasks. Creative designers then use Creative Cloud to design the imagery and send the proof for review.Once that’s submitted, the managers track the approval process in Workfront. Upon final approval, the assets are automatically uploaded to Marketo, where campaign developers oversee the automated creation of programs, lists, and email templates.This synchronization speeds up your marketing operations, establishes methods of accountability, and gets your campaigns out to your audience, where they belong.

The Bottom Line

Marketo + Workfront Fusion enables you to streamline your workflow, minimize manual process and mistakes, and increase efficiency and go-to-market speed. And by tracking the campaign’s progress all along the way, it also creates greater accountability and visibility. Schedule a call with our specialists to see how you can reduce time-to-market for your campaigns and put them to work for you.

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