Mar 28, 2023

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 4: How to Solve the Digital Skills Gap

Credera Team

Credera Team

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 4: How to Solve the Digital Skills Gap

One in three Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) admit their marketing team does not have the skills and experience to get the best out of their technology.

Because of this, when asked about budget allocation over the next 12 months, CMOs ranked “hiring the right talent to take advantage of modern MarTech” as the most pressing item.

Hiring the right external talent to address skills gaps is time-consuming and expensive. At the same time, making wholescale organizational shifts in the way teams function and operate can be equally as challenging.

The Savvy CMO Survey

To better understand which areas CMOs are struggling to find or upskill their talent in and get perspective into how they're addressing these issues, we polled over 200 CMOs in both the U.S. & UK. The CMOs surveyed work at organizations with a minimum global revenue of $100M (£83M) and an annual marketing budget of at least $10M (£8.3M).

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 4 is the fourth report in Credera’s four-part series that explores the challenges marketers face in a privacy-first world.

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In This Report

This report presents a framework for CMOs to solve the digital skills gap and ensure their teams are equipped with the knowledge that powers MarTech solutions.

Key takeaways include:

  • The top "skills gaps" that CMOs identify in their marketing teams

  • Steps for addressing internal skills gaps and practical advice for when to hire external talent to plug the gaps

  • A framework for thinking about effective MarTech deployment

Download part 4 of the report below.

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