Aug 23, 2022

The New Hire Experience: What It’s Like to Start as a Management Consultant at Credera

Mason Park

Mason Park

The New Hire Experience: What It’s Like to Start as a Management Consultant at Credera

After getting my master’s degree, I found myself starting a new job in a new city as the only management consultant (MC) new hire in Denver on my specific start date. The rest of my onboarding group was comprised of technical consultants. It would’ve been easy to get overwhelmed and feel isolated, but that didn’t happen because the way Credera cares for their people is second to none.

I realized my experience wasn’t unique, so I reached out to the other new hires in different markets to get their stories as well. I’ve combined their experiences below. Let’s hear about what you can expect in the journey leading up to an offer and what it is like to work at Credera.

Before the First Day at Credera

My Experience:

I have never experienced a company that takes so much pride in their core values that it is evident well before you arrive for your first day of work. One of Credera’s core values that stood out to me as I began talking with Credera team members during the application process was “Humility.” As I discussed my background and asked questions about how Credera can help meet my career goals, I was assured that new hires are treated as people who will make a difference at the company and Credera will provide the support and tools I need to achieve my goals. Throughout the entire interview process, Credera team members were eager to learn more about me, and I could tell Credera placed a strong emphasis on teamwork.

I will never forget when I received a call from Justin Bell, the CEO of Credera. He made time to personally extend an offer of employment, talk with me in a personal way, and recognize I am more than just an employee. I could tell he placed a strong emphasis on work life balance and wanted his employees to be able to enjoy life outside of work. He allowed me to ask any questions I had at the time and made me feel comfortable as I was about to experience a big life change of starting my first full-time job in a new city.

Fellow MC New Hires:

Credera keeps it real. A common theme mentioned by new hires about the application and interview process is that the people at Credera are authentic. They encourage you to ask the tough questions and they will give you honest answers. Every interaction, from the first to the last, with the talent acquisition team and interviewers was very personable.

Many applicants noticed that Credera cared about much more than simply accomplishments on a resume. Credera wants to understand your entire story and see the full picture of who you are before making any decisions. Through these interactions, the recruiting team was able to show they cared about us, were genuinely interested in what we had to say, and valued our time.

New hires across the country in different Credera offices were amazed by the quick and honest communication throughout the application process. Whether after an initial introduction call or interview, Credera team members reached out within days to let us know where we stood and to discuss next steps, as well as answer any questions.

We were not just told we could ask any questions that come up throughout the process, but we were encouraged to do so – even the tough questions. To top it off, no matter how many questions we asked or to whom, we were always responded to in a timely manner with thorough answers.

One unique aspect following the interview process includes having an “offer navigator,” or someone at Credera who serves as a direct resource to you for any questions or concerns that may come up during the decision-making process once you receive an offer. As a recent college graduate, there is a lot to consider when deciding on a new job or moving to a new city. Offer navigators have been repeatedly mentioned by campus hires as one of the unique experiences Credera provided during the decision period that proved to be extremely valuable. Many new hires had long text message exchanges with their offer navigators asking all the questions you would want to know if you were relocating or trying to figure out what it would be like starting a new career with Credera.

The First Few Weeks With Credera

My Experience:

In a setting where it would’ve been so easy to become overwhelmed, I was met with a warm welcome and constant encouragement. I felt like I found my home here at Credera in Denver.

If there is one lesson I have learned, it is that you are never too inexperienced to make a difference. My team put a lot of effort into training me and then allowed me to work alongside them on high priority projects right out of the gate because they trusted I could deliver excellent results to the client.

A common theme I noticed and experienced firsthand is that Credera puts its people first and gives them the tools to succeed. I quickly realized we had an atmosphere that was welcoming, team-oriented, and a place where we build each other up and encourage one another.

Fellow MC New Hires:

Regardless of which Credera office you are located at, the following still stands: There is a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere that is contagious. During the first few weeks, Credera felt like home away from home. New hires were shown respect, and it was nice to see so many Credera team members reaching out and going out of their way to make us feel like part of the Credera family. It did not take long to see there was something special about the people working at Credera.

Even though we had only been at Credera for a few weeks, the onboarding process during the first two weeks gave us confidence in our abilities and it showed us that Credera is investing in us because they believe we have what it takes to provide real value for the company and for our clients. We were not seen as “new hires” but as equals who are all working together to accomplish the same goals.

Another common theme across locations was being consistently encouraged to ask a lot of questions. Having co-workers who are willing and happy to answer questions, despite their busy schedules, says a lot about the company culture. We received thorough training and were able to contribute to client work quicker than imagined. This is one of the many reasons new hires can provide value so quickly. The people around us are constantly contributing to our growth and development through knowledge sharing and giving us great opportunities on projects.

After the First Few Months With Credera

My Experience:

After just a few months working at Credera, I gained a lot of great experience and new skills. I could not ask for better leaders to be surrounded with as I navigate my professional career. The people I work with want to see me succeed and they invest time in me to make sure I am setup for success and can accomplish my goals and the goals of the company.

I was staffed on the Army account for my first project. The U.S. Army has a lot of moving parts and I had so much to learn. However, with the help of my team, I was quickly caught up to speed on all things Army, including project details, systems, and a deep understanding of the current state environment versus future state solutions we are aiming to implement. I was quickly given responsibility to contribute to client work that would have a real impact. I immediately felt like I was an asset to my team, as I was trusted to work on different projects for the Army, and not long after starting work with the Army, I was trusted to lead presentations on the work I had done. This was a big step and served as a building block for my growth and development.

Shortly after, I was given more responsibility, which included owning certain workstreams, being trusted to deliver excellent results to the client, and prioritizing work to meet deadlines. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Credera provided me as a management consultant. I would not have the skills I have today if it wasn’t for the overwhelming support and encouragement from my team.

Fellow MC New Hires:

After getting a few months of experience under our belts, you can look back to when you started and be amazed at how far you have come. There is no shortage of support from team members. Gaining responsibilities and ownership for client deliverables has been a common theme that new hires across the nation can relate to.

However, Credera has not just made an impact on the business side, but outside of work as well. Each Credera office in cities across the U.S. hosts work events where Credera staff can get together outside of work and get to know each other. Some of the favorite events include happy hours, coffee chats, and holiday parties. Each office is unique, but each office has the common thread of being a Credera office that puts its people first.

The management consultants I spoke with took pride in their work, but also noted how special it is that employees of all levels can get involved with any internal initiatives they might be interested in. On top of that, Credera has a flexible connections model that allows for a hybrid work environment tailored to each team and the client’s needs. With so many opportunities at Credera, new hires have found it difficult not to be excited to come to work every day.

Looking Forward

Credera is a place where exceptional people deliver exceptional results. It has been a great experience working here so far– and it’s clear my management consultant colleagues agree. We look forward to what’s to come and providing similar authentic and people-first experiences to the next round of campus hires at Credera!

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