Jun 20, 2022

The Credera Brief | Unlocking Scale & Innovation in the Cloud

Credera Team

Credera Team

The Credera Brief | Unlocking Scale & Innovation in the Cloud

In our latest edition of The Credera Brief video series, Principal Cloud Architect Mario DeMattia shares how organizations can achieve innovative outcomes in the cloud while scaling its adoption by using Credera’s Cloud Transformation Framework.

Unlocking Transformative Cloud Experiences

Picture this: your first cloud initiatives are going really well and your team has established a secure, scalable, and well-designed cloud footprint. Business stakeholders are excited, so you’re ready for the rest of the enterprise to join in. You open the door and welcome in the organization. It’s not long though before you and your team are faced with unexpected challenges.

You were ready—so why does this feel so hard?

The answer to this all-too-common scenario boils down to unbalanced cloud investments that aren’t capable of satisfying all of an organization’s needs.

To unlock a truly transformative cloud experience, cloud teams need to ensure that investments in engineering, innovation, management, and efficiency are all accounted for in their portfolios.

Credera’s Cloud Transformation Framework

To address the challenge of unbalanced cloud investments, Credera has developed a Cloud Transformation Framework. We use four categories to describe the value of a project’s outcome:

  1. Engineering initiatives build foundational cloud capabilities that help support the ecosystem effectively.

  2. Innovative efforts yield exploratory results from experiments and proofs of concept, executed to determine cutting-edge cloud technology’s viability for the business.

  3. Investments in management and efficiency create operational value that unlocks scaled, self-service cloud delivery.

  4. When teams across the organization are building differentiated business solutions with innovative cloud technologies, they are truly transforming the business.

Utilizing Credera’s Cloud Transformation Framework builds common understanding, enables effective prioritization, and maintains focus on why the investment matters. This in turn creates an environment well-suited for transformation.

Need a Guide for Your Cloud Transformation Journey?

Credera is passionate about helping organizations foster cloud enablement that drives successful cloud adoption and valuable business outcomes. Our unique expertise in corporate strategy, innovation, and application development enables us to bring a holistic approach to your cloud adoption and transformation journey.

Explore Credera’s Cloud Transformation Framework to learn more, or reach out to us at if you’re interested in starting a conversation.

The Credera Brief

At Credera, we believe the toughest business challenges are best solved by a team—a team who works together to share knowledge to accomplish their goals. 

We created The Credera Brief series to distill trends and ideas from Credera leaders and experts. These short-form videos share different insights and perspectives across the topic spectrum from MarTech and innovation to strategy and technology

You can find the complete series on our YouTube page.

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