Dec 21, 2016

Meaning in Our Work

Briana Gentry

Briana Gentry

Meaning in Our Work

Generosity gives meaning to our work, so does serving others. I’ve seen this played out in many ways during my time at Credera.

When we have the opportunity to tangibly help people around us, we participate in a higher purpose. Our firm makes it a priority to look outward and serve our local communities. In the cities where we have offices (i.e., Dallas, Denver, and Houston) we see needs all around us. We want to invest our time and resources to make a positive, powerful and long-term impact.

Credera Service Day

At least once a year, Credera focuses on giving back to our local communities. One workday a year is a small price to pay for a big outcome. We’ve had the opportunity to help flood victims with essentials that have helped them get back on their feet, provided low-income school children with fully stocked backpacks, and built homes for families in need. Credera staff have spent their Service Day mentoring students, rebuilding parks, stocking food pantries, and encouraging teachers. It’s amazing to see what we can accomplish when we pull our skills and talents together to serve others.

Groups Within Credera

Giving back doesn’t stop at Credera Service Day. Throughout the year, many smaller groups team up to serve. Examples include stocking local food pantries, sending Christmas gifts to children overseas, and donating time and technical leadership to nonprofits through OpenGive.

OpenGive is a hackathon hosted by Credera that provides an opportunity for software developers, designers, web strategists, and technology enthusiasts to use their creative and technical skills to help Denver and Houston based nonprofit organizations reach their full potential.

Outside of Credera

Outside of the office, Credera teammates are individually involved with many different organizations including Mercy Street, International Justice Mission, World Bicycle Relief, Young Life, Capernaum, Symphony Chorus, Barbara Bush Foundation, Retriever Rescue of Colorado, Seek the Peace, Polished, Act and many more. You’ll often see team members supporting one another as they serve these worthy causes.

Why Do We Give Back?

At Credera, everything comes down to a desire to help people. Any work we do—whether it’s for a client, an internal team project, or a Credera Service Day—is done out of a desire to be helpful.

The more we give, the more we want to give. Generosity is contagious. I’ve seen this played out again and again working at Credera. The desire to give builds as we participate in giving because we actually get to see a tangible and a good result. When others see the good produced they want to join in.

I’ve noticed that my colleagues work and serve out of a selfless and generous heart. This servant heart makes the Credera team quite unique, and, in my opinion, a really fun group of people to work with!

In this short video, Meg Sokolosky shares how Credera’s desire to give back has impacted her.

Meg has been with Credera for four years and is a senior consultant in the Management Consulting Practice. She has participated in several service opportunities at Credera but also serves outside of work as the gala chair for the Slipper Club and is the provisional project coordinator for Dallas Junior League.

“It truly shows the heart of Credera when we take a full day out of our normal routine, pick an organization, and go serve,” Meg explains. “It is an amazing experience to see the Credera team coming together for a purpose outside of our everyday work.”

A Higher Purpose

Serving others is worth our time and investment. Every day we solve business problems, but working together to help the less fortunate works to solve an entirely different type of problem—one that is well worth the effort.

This year, we have an ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Throughout 2017, different teams will take a full workday to build homes for families in need.

Not only is generosity vital in the workplace, but it is equally important in the communities in which we live. Credera hopes to be a group of people who are generous in all aspects of life. People who have generous hearts are infectious and move others to action. Meg, and the many others like her at Credera, are a gift to our employees, our clients, and our communities.

Life at Credera

We’re “open-sourcing” the Credera culture in a series called Life at Credera. We are sharing an authentic perspective on what we are learning and where we are growing. We are talking about friendships and fungrowth, higher purpose, talent and character, leadership, and communication.

We hope this series is a helpful resource on the continuous pursuit of a great culture. And we hope the results are encouraging to our company, employees, clients, and friends.

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