Mar 16, 2017

Redefining Work-Life Balance

Briana Gentry

Briana Gentry

Redefining Work-Life Balance

Many define “work-life balance” as not allowing a career to impede personal life, and personal life not to hinder a career. But there is a different way to view the distinction between our personal life and our job.

Both our careers and personal lives are significant and important. Both deserve our commitment and time. Regardless of how much “balance” we have in place, work and personal life impact one another. Why not pursue work-life integration?

We actively pursue this perspective at Credera. Living out a healthy, well-integrated life is modeled by Credera leaders and flows throughout the company as we pursue family, hard work, service, helping our friends, and fun.

In this video, Jason shares a promise he made to himself.

Jason Heilig is an architect in our Microsoft practice.

It takes a leader, in the home and in the workplace, to integrate a professional and personal life. Clearly, Jason is intentional about his life and priorities.

In my personal experience, I see this balance modeled by leaders in corporate team meetings. Our CEO, Rob Borrego, makes sure to ask each of us, “How is your work and how is your life?” Rob wants to know, and remind us, the importance of a healthy, intentional lives both inside and outside of Credera.

On a smaller scale, in our daily team meetings, we typically ask one another questions such as “How is your family?” or “What are you doing tonight?” We hold one another accountable to integrating and pursuing a healthy personal and work life.

Credera values both personal and professional growth. The tools they provide allow us to be the best we can be—both at work and at home. Our hope is that our personal lives and our careers would complement one another and help us grow into better all-around servant leaders.

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Life at Credera

We’re “open-sourcing” the Credera culture in a series called Life at Credera. We are sharing an authentic perspective on what we are learning and where we are growing. We are talking about friendships and fungrowth, higher purpose, talent and character, leadership, and communication.

We hope this series is a helpful resource on the continuous pursuit of a great culture. And we hope the results are encouraging to our company, employees, clients, and friends.

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