Nov 27, 2023

Introducing the AI Global Council: Trisha Meyer

Conner Gregory

Conner Gregory

Introducing the AI Global Council: Trisha Meyer

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world at warp speed. Impacts are felt in business, education, government, and everything in between. That’s why the AI Global Council was formed. This group of leaders from varied backgrounds and experiences has united to think through the implications of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics. 

Each AI Global Council member brings a unique and necessary point of view to the conversation. Today, we’re introducing Trisha Meyer, professor of digital governance at the Brussels School of Governance.

Trisha’s one thing on AI 

We asked each of the AI Global Council board members to share one piece of advice in the AI space. Trisha’s advice is to look for opportunities to build on existing governance structures to make the adoption of AI less daunting.

“You probably actually have a lot more in terms of the governance structures that you can build on than you realize,” she said. “Think of what is in place in terms of safety and security, in terms of already ensuring that there’s non-discrimination in what you’re offering, but also data governance processes. So that might make the step or the launching into something new a little less daunting.”

A little about Trisha 

Trisha joined the Brussels School of Governance, an alliance between the Institute for European Studies and Vesalius College, as a professor of digital governance and participation in 2021.  

She wears multiple hats in her current role, including serving as a program director at Vesalius College for the communications and public relations bachelor’s degree program, as well as a research director at the Center for Digitalization, Democracy, and Innovation. She has also conducted research with the United Nations University, focusing on trade and internet governance.

​Explore more about the AI Global Council 

The AI Global Council is focused on taking amorphous and challenging topics and sharing a balanced and holistic perspective that can move everyone forward.

To explore more about the AI Global Council, follow along on LinkedIn or reach out at

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