Feb 29, 2012

In the Company of Giants

Manish Limaye

Manish Limaye

In the Company of Giants

Just this morning on our daily scrum call I found myself smiling.  Initially I couldn’t put my finger on it.  It was your typical ‘stand up’ call with each team member providing an update on work that had been assigned to them and their relative progress.  As a team we discussed any immediate issues or risks, but still there I was with this silly grin from ear to ear.

Was I happy because we were on schedule?  Or maybe because we were about to roll out some new functionality that I knew our client would really like?  And then it occurred me.  It was the team!  As I looked around the room I was truly in the company of giants. In my opinion, this collection of super heroes is the very reason I joined Credera.

“Finding good jobs for good people.”  That’s our mandate on this engagement with EmployBridge.  Who can’t get behind that given the times?  Like all projects there have been challenges.  While I like to think of Credera as a firm that comes along side our clients there are times when clients come along side us to help ‘right the ship’.  Working with great individuals (both EmployBridge and Credera) has allowed us to address and resolve issues such as training a highly distributed workforce, data migration and poor application performance.

At the end of the day clients don’t hire us because we are perfect.  Bottom line is we are not.  No one is.  Instead they hire use to own their toughest challenges and retain us because we do what we say.  Whether it’s Rick Gipson delivering a work product that also anticipates the next one or two features that will be requested or Chris Griswold developing software with, I kid you not, a broken hand for 6 weeks, we stop at nothing to fulfill our promises.  And let’s not forget David Dobat.  I absolutely love Partners that are in the trenches with the team.  Partners like David Dobat.  The door is so ‘wide open’ with David that I feel like we share an office sometimes.

The accolades don’t stop with the Credera project team.  EmployBridge’s Chris Loope and Nycole Rosen have been instrumental in painting the vision while remaining pragmatic.  They have helped to guide and advise the project team over the last several months towards to goal of building the best staffing application on the market.  Individually I would be lucky to have just one of these fine individuals on a project but I have them all!  Their collective strengths form the foundation of a team I’m proud to say I’m a part of.

I’m not the only project director who feels this way about his or her team.  All of us leading engagements are truly blessed to have exceptional teams that are ‘quietly killing it’ every day.  We all share a like mindedness with our clients that ‘meeting expectations’ is not acceptable. it’s simply not a part of our DNA.  Do you have teams that stop at nothing to take the hill?  Are you looking for a consulting partner to share in your vision?  Contact Credera and let us serve you in your journey up to the summit.

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