May 15, 2013

Fellow Business and Community Leaders,

Matt Levy

Matt Levy

Fellow Business and Community Leaders,

What if we re-commit our lives to the idea of virtuous living? What would happen to our city if the leaders began to practice privately what we all agree upon publically? What if what we do behind closed doors matters more than what people believe to be true about our lives? Can you imagine what would happen to Dallas if our leaders began to live in consistently faithful marriages? What if we began to prioritize the investment of building into our children’s character as more important than our careers, our reputation, our comfort or our riches? Can you imagine what would happen?

Dallas would become a bright light on a dark hill for all those around to learn from and admire.

Imagine a city where the men and women leading it are doing so with a commitment to integrity in all areas of their lives. Imagine a place where we are open with our failures and take responsibility for our actions. Imagine if we care more for our neighbor then we do our own personal interests or reputation.

Most of us know that any meaningful change starts small. It begins with the individual leaders. It starts with each one of us leading our own lives and families in a way that brings new life to those who touch us. Our kids will begin to ask for advice again because our behavior demonstrates love and compassion. Difficult, and sometimes tearful, high school years will be met by a loving parent’s shoulders, not a friend’s text. Our spouses will smile and greet us warmly because of the endearing quality of leaders who serve the family without asking for anything in return. Imagine leaders who ask for forgiveness from their families, friends and colleagues, and earn back trust where it had once been broken. Imagine what will happen if we recommit our lives to this kind of virtuous living. Everything will change.

Many will be skeptical and dismiss this letter ideology. That’s only true for those who choose inaction. Our firm has seen what happens when leaders apply virtue to their lives. In fact, all of us leading here are living examples of men and women who have failed many times, and who have been brought back to life by committing to a new way of living.

Let’s change this city together … by the way we choose to live.

If you know a leader who embodies virtuous living, please nominate them in the comments field by May 24, 2013. Credera will profile the winner through our blog. Share the leader’s name along with an example of virtuous living in our community. If you wish to nominate privately, send a note to The winner will be selected by June 3rd, 2013.

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