Sep 05, 2012

eCommerce and Mobile All-Stars – A Job Description Outlining Successful Leader Characteristics

Justin Bell

Justin Bell

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The “stars” of mobile and eCommerce possess a unique set of characteristics. Over the last few years, the eCommerce leaders we have worked alongside continue to sharpen us. They’ve also added even more responsibility to their plates, with many eCommerce leaders drawing the responsibility of leading their organizations’ mobile efforts.

Credera has updated what we believe is required for a mobile and eCommerce leader. These traits are represented in an updated mobile/eCommerce job description that was originally posted two years ago. These are competencies and character traits Credera sees as essential to successful mobile and eCommerce thought leaders in rapidly growing online businesses. You’ll find the most important concept near the end of this post.  It is important that you have a leader that is responsible for driving your eCommerce and mobile business.

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