Jun 23, 2016

CMO Magazine Highlights Chili’s A+ Digital Guest Experience

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

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In a recent exclusive interview Chili’s SVP and CMO, Krista Gibson, discusses how Chili’s is utilizing technology to create a best-in-class guest experience. Tech savvy and food-conscious millennials increasingly represent a significant population of casual dining consumers. Chili’s is laser focused on providing these guests an excellent, personalized and relevant digital experience. Credera is honored to partner with Chili’s as they lead the way in digital transformation in the casual dining space.

“We really start from a place of how can we make the guest experience better? And is there a technology out there that can help us do that?” says Gibson. “Our digital guest experience is really about addressing convenience… We are constantly thinking about how to make the brand relevant for millennials, who are more food-conscious than generations past.”

Credera is playing an integral role in the Chili’s digital transformation. Recently, Credera facilitated a strategic process focused on transforming and and well as the Chili’s mobile app.

“Credera is one of our agency partners. We see them as being critical and helping us build this best-in-class digital guest experience,” says Gibson. “They’ve done a fantastic job in helping us shore up our digital and mobile experiences, and have helped us lay the strategic foundation and groundwork so that we can then build off of it and create next-gen platforms. We see them as an extension of our team.”

Loyalty is another top priority for Gibson and her team. Last May Chili’s and Credera worked together to revamp its loyalty programs to make them more digital. The results of the digital loyalty initiative have been impressive.

“In our first year, we are closing in on a goal of 5 million guests in the program. We have about 20% of our transactions now tied to loyalty,” says Gibson.

She is clearly optimistic with the progress of Chili’s digital guest experience.

“If I had to rate us, I would give us an A+ outstanding. We also are thinking about digital transformation as a journey and not as a destination. So it’s this journey toward greater relevance and personalization, and everything we are doing is about what’s right for the guest and how to improve their experience.”

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