Nov 08, 2013

C Spire Wireless Delivers Brand Promise with Innovation

Credera Team

Credera Team

C Spire Wireless Delivers Brand Promise with Innovation

“Family-oriented” might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a regional wireless communications provider. However, Carla Lewis, Sr. Vice President, Information Technology with C Spire Wireless, is convinced family orientation is a key attribute of their culture.

“[C Spire Wireless] is family-oriented,” said Lewis. “When you are family-oriented, you care about your team. It makes all the difference.” Caring for others also extends to helping C Spire customers by providing personalizing wireless services designated specifically for them.

Credera and C Spire have had a long-term relationship, partnering together on numerous innovative initiatives including PERCS, a customer loyalty program, and a customer engagement CRM initiative.

Lewis shares how Credera and C Spire Wireless first connected.

“We were in the middle of a pretty significant project on our eCommerce system. The project was significantly off track,” said Lewis. “In a matter of a couple of days, [Rob Borrego] was on the ground with his team.”

A key competitive advantage for C Spire Wireless included delivering on the promise to provide great customer service through multiple customer touch points. Previously, all customer channels (i.e., call centers, retail stores, telesales, third-party resellers, were on disparate systems. At times, those disparate systems provided inconsistent customer experience.

C Spire Wireless engaged Credera to deliver an integrated CRM solution to improve customer experience and service across all customer touch points. The initiative resulted in huge efficiency gains, faster customer service, increased customer satisfaction, and recognition as a leading industry innovator by Information Week 500.

“[C Spire Wireless] has an omni-channel capability that is consistent and high quality,” said Rob Borrego, President and CEO, Credera. “Customers, regardless of which touch point they are coming in through, are getting tremendous value and service from C Spire.”

“We cannot deliver on our brand promise of personalized services without innovation,” said Lewis. “Any day we are closer to doing that on any task, on any initiative, is a great day!”

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