Leading Quick-Service Restaurant

Leading quick-service restaurant increases customer reach through a global marketing platform powered by AWS.

Project capitalizes on customer insights by integrating a customer data platform with marketing automation and engaging customers with tailored, real-time messages.

At a Glance

A global, quick-service restaurant (QSR) brand wanted to modernize its marketing strategy and elevate customer reach by capitalizing on customer data insights and unifying the customer experience. They engaged Credera to integrate a customer data platform (CDP) and marketing automation tool with nine existing source systems, provide strategic program leadership for implementation, and drive change management and communication activities. The solution resulted in increased deployment frequency, unified customer data, real-time journey orchestration for marketers, and improved visibility to milestone readiness.

The Challenge

Creating a robust and real-time marketing platform.

A leading QSR brand wanted to create a global marketing platform that could centralize data to enable personalized real-time customer experiences. They previously faced difficulties in executing high-volume, time-sensitive marketing campaigns using their existing campaign activation tool.

The QSR brand engaged Credera to design and build integrations to a customer data platform (CDP) and marketing automation tool from nine existing source systems, as well as provide strategic program leadership for the implementation.

The Solution

Streamlining data pipelines and managing multi-country implementation.

Credera began by understanding the limitations of the current infrastructure to design a robust and scalable solution. The team architected data pipelines using Apache Kafka and AWS serverless technologies to increase scalability and volume processing. Credera utilized a scalable serverless container architecture to quickly process the desired data volumes at scale.

Credera utilized Docker and Terraform to bolster and standardize the data streaming infrastructure. This global infrastructure has been deployed to five countries through continuous integration and delivery pipelines powered by GitHub Actions.

This solution focused on real-time processing to unlock a precise view of the customer at any given time, improving the customer profile attribute speed to process over 99% of updates within 500 seconds.

Credera also managed this multi-country program and its cross-product stakeholders. The team drove alignment between product teams and global project management office to assess project risks and impacts to timelines, foster collaboration for end-to-end testing efforts between product teams, and strategically prioritize the integration readiness.

The Results

Enhancing marketing capabilities and elevating customer reach.

The global QSR brand now has a robust, scalable marketing solution that works in real time and is globally designed so marketers across the globe can capitalize on customer behaviors.

The QSR benefited in several ways, as the solution:

  • Enabled real-time journey orchestration: Marketers gained the ability to create real-time marketing journeys through a direct connection between the CDP and marketing automation tool.

  • Centralized customer data: Customer data was consolidated for ease of activation in individual countries

  • Implemented on a global scale: The solution was deployed to 18 environments across three different AWS regions on three different continents.

  • Increased deployment frequency: Release frequency improved from quarterly to more than two times per week, making new functionality available two to three hours after testing.

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