Hilton engages employees with digital transformation.

Credera and Hilton leveraged design sprints to create a digital experience engaging over 300,000 employees.

At a Glance

Hilton Worldwide is one of the most recognized names in the travel industry, with more than 5,000 hotels across 14 brands, 100 countries, and over 300,000 employees. Hilton Worldwide engaged Credera to partner on digital strategy, innovation strategy, and agile transformation. Through our partnership, Hilton crafted an innovation strategy and a plan to operationalize innovation pursuits, increased product speed to market with a transition to an agile organization, and aided in prototyping and testing new innovations. Credera helped Hilton create an in-house innovation lab to stay relevant in the changing hospitality market and improved Hilton’s tests for new ways to engage employees and guests.

The Challenge

Using innovation to beat the competition.

The hospitality industry is changing rapidly, as evidenced by the rise of competitors like Airbnb and shifting consumer expectations. Hilton recognized the need to deliver more functionality to the market more quickly to remain competitive in their space.

Hilton employs a massive and diverse global. workforce of over 300,000 employees across a range of ages and languages, which adds complexity to employee engagement and broad-scale, digital transformation.

The Solution

Crafting a strategy to drive innovation.

Credera partnered with Hilton on digital strategy, innovation strategy, and agile transformation. We began by crafting an innovation strategy and, more importantly, an executable plan to operationalize its innovation pursuits. Working together, Credera and Hilton supported a transition to an agile organization to deliver products more quickly.

We also worked through prototyping and testing innovations, specifically a native mobile application to engage the company's global workforce. Prototyping and testing mitigates the organization's investment in a direction and gets quick feedback to better tailor solutions.

The Results

Ready for sustainable innovation.

Through this partnership, Credera and Hilton created an innovation strategy and a plan for an in-house innovation lab. The organization has now transitioned to an agile organization, able to quickly go to market. Hilton can leverage their innovation strategy and lab to continue prototyping and testing new innovations to better engage with employees and guests. Hilton is able to stay relevant in the changing hospitality market.

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