Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Enhancing the customer experience with a scalable, modern, cloud-native data platform.

A pharmaceutical company partnered with Credera to build a modern, cloud-native data platform built to scale with the expanding data volumes necessary to understand their customer journey.

At a Glance

A global pharmaceutical company wanted to better utilize its first-party data across its consumer landscape. They partnered with Credera to design and implement a roadmap to centralize, automate data onboarding, and connect first-party data siloed across internal organizations, media agencies, and third-party partners. They ultimately hoped to improve media performance, customer experience, and activate insights to drive real-time engagement. This resulted in millions of dollars in media cost savings with greater customer engagement, additional new audience microsegments to target, and increased pharmaceutical sales. The company also benefited from governance models that allow for faster speed to market of new data sources, ability to create proprietary models for activation, and collaborative diagnostic reports and dashboards for common data sets.

The Challenge

Centralizing consumer data to drive insights.

One of America’s largest pharmaceutical companies invests $1 billion on advertising each year and captures a high volume of consumer data. Poised to drive marketing decisions through data, the pharmaceutical company engaged Credera to centralize their consumer data and facilitate the movement of data from various external sources into a single platform to be unified, enriched, and fed into various data consumers such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), visualizations, and other advanced marketing technologies.

The Solution

Creating a metadata-driven approach for increased productivity.

Built with AWS cloud resources, Credera established data platform design and data flow pattern from initial data ingestion to reporting using AWS S3, Lambda, Glue, Redshift, and QuickSight. To make the solution scalable across the enterprise, the team implemented a metadata-driven approach for loading source systems into a unified analytics platform​ and developed continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that enabled development teams to focus more on coding rather than maintenance and migration.

The Results

Revealing insights, decreased spending, and centralized reporting through data.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer and Credera partnered to implement a modern, cloud-native data platform. This platform resulted in:

  • Scalable and quick insights: The platform enables faster availability and insights into customer behavior in a cloud-native approach, that will grow with the introduction of additional datasets and be leveraged across different brands.

  • Optimized marketing budget: The analytics workbench enabled improved return on marketing investment and customer targeting by better understanding customer behavior.

  • Centralized customer reporting: A suite of dashboards, reports, and integrating multiple customer-focused data sources led to a broader view of an individual’s engagement and enabled data-driven decision-making for the marketing organization.

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