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Credera led a transformational post-merger integration of EmployBridge and Select Staffing resulting in a $300 million revenue increase.

At a Glance

EmployBridge is a national leader in staffing and workforce solutions processing 2 million job applicants per year. EmployBridge engaged Credera to lead a transformational, post-merger integration between EmployBridge and Select Staffing. This integration needed to combine 100,000 associates, 20,000 clients, and 475 branches onto a single technology platform. As a result of the migration to a new technology platform, EmployBridge realized a $300 million increase in revenue, automated the job application process, saw a 2,000% increase in candidate applications, and reduced the “application-to-work” timeline from eight days to three hours. All of this was completed six months ahead of the projected schedule, saving the company $600,000. 

The Challenge

Integrating technology to create value.

EmployBridge and Select Staffing merged to create one of the largest staffing companies in North America, with combined revenue of $2.9 billion. Each company leveraged divergent business processes and technology platforms to provide workforce management services, recruiting, screening, payroll, time attendance management, on-site supervision, and specialty staffing solutions to a wide variety industries.

In need of synthesizing their front and back-office operations into a single solution, Credera led the post-merger systems integration program.​

The Solution

Creating a plan to implement for integration.

  • Completed an end-to-end IT assets assessment for both companies as a part of the due diligence phase​.

  • Developed an integration strategy that enabled the company to identify and address all high-value business requirements to ensure a smooth “day one” transition​.

  • Leveraged a transformational integration philosophy by moving all branches, associates and clients to a cutting edge technology solution that increased candidate throughput and reduced the application-to-work timeline​.

  • Launched the Integration Management Office that organized and divided work between front and back offices for the following activities:​

    • Communication and change management​

    • Workforce management​

    • Business process and systems integration ​

    • Technology development​

  • Managed the integration through the discovery, design, development, and deployment phases in nine conversion cycles, over 20 months.

The Results

Transformational integration led to a $300 million increase revenue.

As a result of the merger and in conjunction with the migration to a new technology platform, EmployBridge realized the following benefits:​

  • $300 million increase in revenue​.

  • Automated job application process​.

  • 2,000% increase in candidate applications per month​.

  • Utilized one system of record and one set of business processes​.

  • Reduced “application-to-work” timeline from eight days to a three hours​.

  • Increased temporary employee population from 40,000 to 100,000 associates​.

  • Reduced project timeline by 25%.

  • Organizational savings of $600,000 by completing the integration six months ahead of schedule.


Reduced project timeline


Increase in candidate applications per month​

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