Zynx Health

Developing a new solution to deliver actionable data and insights.

Zynx Health and Credera developed a new product that leverages Zynx’s best-in-class clinical evidence as a benchmark to analyze the clinical operations of new and existing customers.

At a Glance

Zynx Health, a leader in providing evidence-based clinical decision support, wanted to develop a new product to allow their customers to measure the financial impact of interventions. Zynx Health engaged Credera to ideate, design, and implement a customer-facing application and data pipelines that would analyze health-system data against Zynx’s evidence-based interventions and present clinicians the opportunity to improve patient care. The new product offering was ultimately unveiled at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference.

The Challenge

Improving patient care with actionable guidance.

Zynx Health develops and provides evidence-based processes and procedures to healthcare organizations that drive improvements to patient outcomes across key industry metrics, enhance safety, and improve financial performance.​ Credera partnered with Zynx to design and implement a new product, Lumynz, that would produce actionable guidance to improve the safety and quality of patient care, increase revenue while reducing risk, and identify cost savings opportunities for Zynx’s clients.

The Solution

Developing an agile product designed to scale to meet customers’ needs.

Zynx Health and Credera worked together to create an agile minimum viable product (MVP) by:

  • Delivering a design sprint workshop and collaborating with the Zynx Health team to brainstorm a solution and build a prototype of the product concept.

  • Developing design mock-ups, product prototype, and technology stack recommendations, resulting in Lumynz.

  • Implementing an automated, cloud-based data ingestion and transformation pipeline leveraging Amazon Elastic Map Reduce and ultimately creating a Redshift datamart for consumption by the Lumynz application.

The Results

Launching a product that enabled scalable insights and visibility.

By partnering together, Zynx Health and Credera met their goal of launching the Lumnyz product and:

  • Monitor the utilization of evidence-based medicine and act on this data by messaging clinicians directly, which promotes clinician engagement to review and adopt evidence-based medicine and ultimately improve patient care.

  • Implement a scalable, cloud infrastructure to support Lumynz and the accompanying data pipeline, which allows Zynx to build a pilot for a prospective customer while also having the flexibility to scale and support multiple health systems seamlessly.

  • Show the clinical and financial cost and impact of poor adoption of evidence-based medicine.

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