Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Visualizing key customer insights to efficiently leverage marketing data.

Credera and a sister Omnicom agency designed and implemented a customer insights dashboard to help business users efficiently access marketing data from the Data Workbench.

At a Glance

Leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to improve ad creative performance through advanced analytics, data science, and machine learning to identify the non-obvious links between campaign performance, ad performance, placement performance, and their associated correlations. The manufacturer engaged Credera to develop the data enablement, enrichment, and transport structure that powered data science models generating insights leading to improved marketing effectiveness and reduced content cost.

The Challenge

Accelerating timelines require actionable data for critical decisions.

This leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer is automating critical marketing and data operations processes to enable near real-time data insights and self-service analytics. Historically, monthly reports were created via manual processes which was prohibitively time consuming, only provided monthly or quarterly insights instead of daily. This also inhibited data users and consumers from exploring the platforms and tools. Given the accelerating timelines and growing capital outlays, it was business critical to get the most relevant and actionable data to the leaders that shaped decisions and led campaigns.

The Solution

Deploying technology to enhance decision making.

To deliver actionable and relevant data to the business leaders, the Credera team designed dashboards which contain performance key performance indicators (KPIs) and insights for the effectiveness of personalized marketing for various customer segments and content mixes. The team also defined and implemented business logic to establish a virtualized data warehouse to support automated dashboards.

Lastly, they deployed AWS VPC, Subnets, Gateways, Route Tables, QuickSight, S3, Glue, Lambda, and Redshift resources.

The Results

Increasing customer-centric marketing opportunities with dashboards and reports.

Through the dashboards, business logic, and technologies, the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer:

  • Integrated multiple consumer behavior data sources to establish a suite of marketing dashboards and reports.

  • Enabled a broader view of an individual customer's engagement with the brand.

  • Unlocked data-driven decision-making opportunities for their marketing teams.

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