Leading Medical Logistics Company

Creating a modernized, secure, and scalable product offering.

Credera and a leading medical logistics company created a new, competitive product offering with a scalable, secure, and cloud-first foundation.

At a Glance

Credera collaborated with a medical logistics client to assess, redesign, and modernize their Azure Cloud footprint to support their digital customer platforms and integrations. In addition to this modernization effort, Credera built an end-to-end digital tracking capability and enhanced the client's existing digital sales and ordering platform to support a new cold chain product offering. These efforts enabled the client to provide a solution with enhanced security, scalability, and resiliency to customers and increase customer satisfaction and sales through new, competitive product offerings.

The Challenge

Analyzing current systems to launch a new product line on a solid cloud-first foundation.

The leading medical logistics company wanted to create a new, cold chain product offering and enhance the sales and order process in their online sales and order management platform. End customers did not have the visibility into the status of specimen package tracking when the journey involved a plan. Successful timeline processing required manual flight tracking using third-party tools to check on potential shipment delays.

This new launch needed to be built on a cloud architecture that was secure, cohesive, and scalable. The medical logistics company’s existing systems were built piecemeal resulting in a non-cohesive, cloud architecture and integration vulnerabilities. The existing infrastructure lacked the scalable security rigor that would be required to support the expanded customer base being targeted by the new offerings. To get the client to their goal for launch, customer-facing platforms needed to be rearchitected and migrated before the new features could be deployed.

The Solution

Assessing needs and launching footprints and products to meet organizational and customer needs.

Credera assessed customer needs for package tracking and internal needs for the cold chain product launch. Based on this assessment, the team built an integration with FlightAware that enabled customers to receive delay notifications by subscribing to and tracking specific flights. After understanding functional, technical, and experience design requirements for the product launch, the Credera team enabled integrations with inventory and billing systems for end-to-end order management.

To increase the security posture, the Credera team partnered with the client to design a new Azure Cloud footprint and application architecture including automated security gates. The environment was implemented with infrastructure as code and DevOps. This footprint created a forward-looking posture for the medical logistics company in the future.

The Results

Increasing sales and security for now and the future.

After the launch of the new cold chain product, customer ordering volume increased and sales orders were able to be tracked with a true end-to-end view in a consolidated end-user environment. The Credera team and client successfully migrated all platforms to the new environment with minimal downtime to the always-on operations. The newly implemented scalable security practices ensured compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This new Azure environment built the groundwork for further adoption of cloud-firm application architecture and overall modernization of systems.

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