Large Independent Commercial Real Estate Firm

Enable growth by streamlining business processes and driving data-driven decision-making.

A large, independent commercial real estate firm approached Credera to build a custom application that would streamline business processes, provide centralized data access, and enable growth.

At a Glance

A large independent commercial real estate firm partnered with Credera to develop a custom, scalable real estate application and reporting dashboard to support data-driven decision-making. The result included a modernized technical architecture that enables future growth, personalized user dashboards to equip agents with the data they need to be competitive, and a streamlined workflow for key business processes.

The Challenge

A need for data-driven decision-making.

A large commercial real estate firm approached Credera with a complex, monolithic application that lacked clear architecture, making it difficult to maintain, support, and extend.​ Credera worked with the firm to develop a custom, scalable real estate application and series of reports, increasing efficiency, providing improved workflows, and enabling data-driven decision-making.​

The Solution

Creating reports and automating manual processes to get data where it needs to be.

Credera and the commercial real estate firm partnered to assess the current data situation and leverage technology to automate reporting and integrated tools.

  • Conducted a current state assessment and interviewed nearly 70 stakeholders to understand the organization and key opportunities, constraints, issues, and risks​.

  • Designed a user interface geared toward quick data access and intuitive processes​.

  • Implemented technical architecture to deliver a scalable, extensible platform​.

  • Developed enhanced property and listing search capability.

  • Cleansed, standardized, and migrated legacy data to the new application​.

  • Leveraged Microsoft Power BI to create executive and management reports and automate monthly financial reporting.

  • Integrated the application with external property management software and a real estate mapping tool.

  • Built user dashboards in the application to track key performance indicators and monitor deals in progress.

The Results

Unlocking opportunities to grow and scale through automation and data-driven insights.

Through the partnerships, Credera and the commercial real estate firm achieved results that prepared the firm for the future through leveraging data.​


Modernized technical architecture and designed a scalable application that enables future growth​.


Developed integrations with property management tools and real estate mapping software, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry​.


Built reports to provide visibility into office and agent performance, allowing managers and executives to strategically target their support.


Built personalized user dashboards and provided access to company-wide data, equipping agents with information they need to be more competitive​.


Streamlined workflow for key business processes and provided a modern user interface, reducing the time needed to process deal payments​.

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