Luxury Fashion Retailer

Delivery of a global network transformation for a major luxury fashion retailer.

Credera were engaged to recover and deliver the rollout of a complex network solution, spanning 450+ retail stores and critical manufacturing sites.

At a Glance

A well-known luxury brand had started to upgrade their network infrastructure across all of its global premises. The client’s programme, however, was problematic and failed to get the rollout off the ground. Credera were engaged to unblock obstacles with the client’s network supplier and plan and deliver a complex rollout schedule to retail stores, head offices, production facilities, warehouses, and data centres.

The Challenge

Recovery of programme failures to unblock complex network transformations.

Credera were brought in at a time when the programme faced major issues with its overall delivery, and the retailer was failing to deliver successful network implementations in its stores. The lack of any progress and no visible end-to-end schedule resulted in disenfranchised stakeholders whose confidence in the programme was waning. A multitude of complex sites required unique implementation approaches, which meant that gaps in both technical as well as planning expertise needed to be addressed.

The Solution

Programme planning and end-to-end management of site transformations.

We provided immediate transparency of the programme’s progress and its blockers to senior stakeholders in order to rebuild confidence in the future of the programme’s success. To begin the recovery process, we identified existing pain points with its network supplier as well as recurring planning and technical issues that were causing transformations to fail. One by one, these were addressed in order to shape a more realistic delivery plan: •  High level planning and ownership of rollout schedule. •  Project management of site transformations in key global regions.  •  Management of dependencies across varying suppliers and vendors. •  Technical assurance of cutover planning. •  Technical support and coaching of onsite implementation teams before and during store   transformations.

The Results

Successful delivery of complex network transformation in all global regions.

The programme delivered a unified network solution which standardised five global regions, resulting in improved performance, higher security standards, increased cost efficiency, and a more efficient third party-managed operating model.

We solved key planning blockers, managed dependencies in a proactive manner and created a realistic yet ambitious implementation schedule that the wider programme team could deliver against. This resulted in more accurate forecasting of timescales, which helped to restore trust with senior stakeholders.

We created a repeatable implementation solution that could be rolled out to all global regions in order to address recurring configuration failures that prevented successful transformations. The success rate of store transformations increased from 25% to 90%.

By taking ownership of end-to-end project management, as well as providing hands-on technical implementation expertise, we accelerated the weekly velocity of store transformations from  three to 15 per week, significantly increasing the speed of the programme.

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