J&S Audio Visual

Creating a strategy for scaling post-acquisition.

J&S Audio Visual asked Credera to conduct a strategic assessment of their current operation, identify opportunity areas from our analysis, and recommend a strategic roadmap to grow in scale and profitability​.

At a Glance

J&S Audio Visual (JSAV) is one of the country's leading audio-visual companies, providing creative communication solutions across the hospitality and production event space. After JSAV was acquired by Ashford Hospitality, they sought a strategic partner to help identify areas of financial, operational, and organizational opportunity. Credera developed a financial model that accurately depicts an event's performance, developed key profitability indicators to maximize the ability to magnify operational selectivity and profitability, and unlocked growth opportunities by increasing the organizational and managerial infrastructure.

The Challenge

Identifying areas of opportunity post-acquisition.

J&S Audio Visual (JSAV) is one of the country’s leading audio-visual companies, providing creative communication solutions for clients across the hospitality and production event space. JSAV was recently acquired by Ashford Hospitality, a leading asset management group focused on investing in upscale, full-service hotels, and is expecting significant growth as a result of the acquisition. JSAV and Ashford Hospitality jointly sought a strategic partner to help identify areas of financial, operational, and organizational opportunity, and asked Credera to provide a set of strategic recommendations to increase the company’s scalability and profitability.

The Solution

Analyzing the data and creating a strategic execution plan.

Credera partnered with JSAV and Ashford Hospitality to analyze the current state and create an actionable plan for post-acquisition opportunities.

  • Interviewed key stakeholders, including members of the management team and “in-house” audio-visual property staff​.

  • Reviewed an extensive list of financial, operational, and organizational documents to gain insight into the company’s current state performance​.

  • Developed a preliminary assessment of the company’s opportunity areas​.

  • Conducted in-depth analysis around each opportunity area to codify and validate our initial assessment, converting results into a set of strategic findings and recommendations​.

  • Developed a strategic execution plan for JSAV and Ashford Hospitality to jointly implement and shape a more scalable, profitable company.

The Results

Creating a clear path forward for financial, operational, and organizational viability and scalability.

Through the partnership, the teams emerged with a clear path forward for the new organization.


By developing a financial model that more accurately depicts an event’s performance, JSAV sales personnel are empowered to make decisions that align their individual incentives with the financial success of the organization.​


By understanding key indicators of profitability, JSAV’s hospitality services division can be more selective in their contractual positions, more diligent in their formal property reviews, and more attentive to their high-potential properties with the right types of business.​


By increasing the organizational and managerial infrastructure, JSAV’s organizational structure will unlock growth opportunities across its divisions and will be able to proactively adapt to changing market conditions.

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