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Today’s marketing landscape is unforgiving—customer expectations are constantly evolving, valuable data sits idle, and routine marketing tasks pull teams away from innovating. While artificial intelligence (AI) can act as an effective tool against these challenges, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. So how can CMOs set their teams up for AI-driven success while remaining focused on overarching business goals?  

Explore how marketing leaders are turning to AI to transform their organizations and discover key insights for integrating AI across your own marketing efforts. 


Explore insights on how marketing leaders can harness the power of AI.

Dive into expert learnings, resources, and articles to discover how to ready your marketing department for success within the complex world of AI.

Achieving marketing goals through AI

Downloadable article: Break down the powerful use cases of AI, provide real-world examples, and share key tactics that marketing leaders can use to level up their organizations.

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Reshaping organizations in the age of AI

Podcast: Explore the profound influence of AI on the very structure and design of modern organizations and hear practical insights for companies reorienting in the face of AI.

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AI vs. the law: The legality of AI

Insight: Unlock answers to the convoluted questions surrounding the legality of AI, like whether AI content can be copyrighted, who would have ownership of the copyright, and if models are allowed to train on copyrighted sources.

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Serving customers with machine learning

Case Study: See how deep learning models and augmented reality technologies transformed the way a leading athletic retailer delivered customer experiences.

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Implementing marketing automation

Insight: Delve into the five tiers of marketing automation and learn why cultivating an automation mindset will become increasingly necessary for modern marketing departments.

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CMO survey: The sprint for marketing innovation

Report: Read research from over 200 leading CMOs to uncover the reasons why agility isn’t more widespread in marketing organizations and five strategies leaders can leverage to create more innovative teams.

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Discover our experiences in AI to further your business objectives.

We partner closely with leading brands and executives to help them wherever they are on their AI journey. Find out more about how AI can provide a faster time to campaign launch, allowing your marketing team to focus on meeting your strategic goals and delivering real ROI.

Our AI offerings & capabilities

Beat the odds, create value, and gain a competitive advantage with our tailored AI solutions.

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AI Global Council

Meet the AI leaders who are at the forefront of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics on a global scale.

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The Technology Tangents Podcast

Tune into to discuss the today’s emerging technologies and how organizations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

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