Cloud & Infrastructure Modernization

We help organizations maximize the value of their investments by leveraging cloud technology to its fullest potential.

Point of View

Increase agility and disrupt markets.

Cloud technologies offer a proven way to help address challenges of huge capital expenditures, lengthy procurement, merger, and acquisition synergies, manual support, and slow releases. Yet, the typical cloud migration or adoption projects focuses only on the infrastructure layer. They can also lead to sprawl that increases cost and complexity. Credera helps companies leverage the true power of cloud to drive great business outcomes, enable agility, and create market disruption.


Modernize your cloud and infrastructure investments.

Realize business value and organizational modernization through our cloud and infrastructure capabilities and experience.

Cloud Integration & Enablement

Perform a strategic analysis of your environment, define success criteria around cost, security, availability, and operational effectiveness, and then drive implementation to a successful outcome of adopting cloud infrastructure.

Workplace Modernization

Provide new ways of delivering technology to your users, allowing for secure, seamless communication and flexible, multi-device experiences.

Cloud Governance & Security

Document your employee lifecycle and regulatory requirements, automate user provisioning/deprovisioning, and help you automate policy compliance and access controls to ensure the right people have the right level of access at the right time. We design our cloud and infrastructure solutions with PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, or GDPR governance and controls in mind.

Automation & DevOps

Realize increased speed and consistency of delivering innovation to market by leveraging deep knowledge in both classical and modern infrastructure and technology. Through infrastructure, resource, and configuration automation and version control we partner to reduce support complexity while accelerating delivery to the business and developing a DevOps culture.