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The rise in data availability and rapid advancement of computing power has created significant opportunity across markets. Organizations seeking competitive advantage must establish a modern data strategy and invest in well-developed technology to turn data into insights that enable actionable decision-making.

At Credera, we work with clients to increase their analytic maturity, attack their market, and grow top-line revenue through data-driven strategies.

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Typical Client Challenges

Keeping up With Evolving Martech

Marketing must integrate offline, online and third party data and fully activate it through customer-facing technology while creating more personalized experiences


The Business Needs the Data Now

The “old” data warehouse is no longer sufficient for the organization’s needs, and leaders are stuck leaning on IT to retrieve yesterday’s information


Increased Disruption & Competition

Top industry competitors have fostered an analytical culture and embedded machine learning & AI to unlock their data potential and the company is struggling to catch-up


Data Quality & Accuracy

Valuable time and resources are being wasted on resolving data issues instead of focusing attention on the next strategic action


Activating AI & Automation

The increased productivity and dynamic impact of AI automation remains out of reach

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How We Help Clients

Single View of Customer

Create a unified, 360-degree customer view that is integrated with digital marketing

AI & Automation

Utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to differentiate, gain market-share, and improve efficiency

Big Data & IoT

Turn streaming, social, and event-driven data into real-time, meaningful insights

Visualization & Insights

Visually understand the complete data story and enable self-service analysis to deep-dive into insights

Modern Data Architecture

Fuel the organizational analytics engine through data architecture modernization

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